What are the best ways to view Crunchyroll's videos?

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Posted 8/11/10 , edited 8/12/10
I recommend using one or more of the following:
  • Desktop computer with a Windows or Mac operating system and a supported GPU for Adobe Flash's hardware acceleration. (Linux computers don't have full support for Adobe Flash, yet)
  • Netbook with a Atom Z5xx series processor or a Laptop with similar specs as I stated for desktop computers
  • Cell phone with Android OS 2.2 or higher installed

Watch on your TV: We're working on supporting set-top boxes (like Boxee Box) and gaming devices for video playback but currently you need a computer to watch our videos on your TV. So I recommend using a Netbook or Laptop for this as long as your TV and Netbook/Laptop have the proper AV connections (VGA, DVI, HDMI). I also use a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in order to quickly navigate the site from my couch.

Watch on the Go: You can watch all of Crunchyroll's videos (even ones that are not available through the iOS apps) directly on a device with Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 mobile installed by going to our Mobile Site. Currently the iOS apps win in terms of video quality though.

Also, all Android devices are able to be used to provide a mobile internet connection for a standard computer through USB and some of the newer Android devices even provide WiFi tethering which allows people to connect 5 or more devices (that accept WiFi internet connections) to the phone's internet connection. So a Netbook or Laptop can paired with an Android device in order for you to watch videos on a bigger screen wherever you have cell phone reception. However, you would need to tinker with the device a little to get it to work since some cell phone providers are trying to restrict the usage of internet tethering. A recent law was made which clearly stated that modifying your device's software for non-commercial purposes, is legal even though some companies were trying to have it made illegal to do this.

I don't recommend this but you could just pay the extra fee to your service provider in order to have native access to the built in tethering functions if you don't want to mess around with the phone's software and/or don't mind paying the extra monthly fee. You could also supplement an Android based device for a dedicated mobile internet device offered by your service provider if you don't want a phone with Android OS installed.


These are just my opinions so what do you recommend and what video playback methods would you like to see supported?
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