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My Fan Made Story GIN
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Posted 1/15/12 , edited 2/22/12
[i]Meanwhile on GIN …
Gin arrives to the village and sees bullies picking on a kid. Gin Intervenes the boy’s name is Kenji. What mysterious powers lie inside of him that has Gin feeling excited? Let’s find out when this new chapter of Gin unfolds.

My New Apprentice

G: Let me help you up Kenji.
K: It’s ok (Gets up) I’m used to it by now (brushes the dirt off)
G: Look Sai there is not a scratch on him.
S: I See he must have been through this so many times his body is just used to this torture poor boy.
G: Kenji may I ask why you don’t defend yourself.
K: (Laughs) I get scared and I run away it’s sad to say but I’m a coward I don’t the courage in myself to fight back.
G: You should never call yourself a coward even if you’re scared you must show them that you won’t take their shit anymore and fight them then they will stop bullying you even if you don’t win the fight.
G: Your body shows off a lot of potential Kenji I will help you unlock this potential to defend yourself against these bullies.
K: No its ok sir I don’t want to get you involved with my problems.
G: Nonsense I insist this way as long as you’re with me those boys won’t bother you and drop the sir how old do you think I am.
K: Oh sorry I can’t tell your face is covered by your hood.
G: Oh sorry about that (removes his hood from his face) see I’m not that old I’m the same age as you (Stomach makes a sound)
(Gin kneels to the ground)
G: (laughs) Im so hungry I haven’t eaten in a while.
K: (laughs) I see come eat at my place it’s the least I can do for you helping me out.
G: Really (Mouths dribbles)
K: Yes (Laughs)
G: that sounds good let’s go eat.
K: (laughs) okay follow me.
G: How long have you lived here.
K: Since I was born. My father met my mother here. He was an adventurer and he decided to end his long journey around the world when he met my mother.
G: He sounds like a great man I would love to meet him to discuss his travels.
K: I haven’t seen him in 3 years he left one day to finish his journey that he stopped when he met my mother and was never seen again.
G: I’m sorry to hear that.
K: Its ok I have faith that he will return one day.
G: I bet he will one day.
K: yea so far it’s been me and my mom these past 3 years.
(They continue walking for 5 more minutes)
K: We are here.
G: wow nice place you got here.
K: Thank you let me go get my mother make yourself right at home I’ll be right back.
G: okay (looks around)
G: looks sai its kenji when he was younger I guess that’s his dad god kenji loked like a geek no wonder he got picked on.
S: That’s not nice gin.
( Kenji’s mother walks in)
KM: that is my husband the so called great adventurer Ken.
G: Ken and Kenji (laughs)
KM: (Laughs) Yes he loved hearing his name so much he called his only son Kenji.
G: Where are my manners my name is Gin Miyazaki.
KM: Nice to meet you I’m Mrs. Hayato Kenji’s mom. I didn’t know Kenji had friends I’m so glad to meet you.
G: Oh yea we just met today your son needed protection so starting today I am his bodyguard and his master! I mean Sensei I can see in the picture Ken was holding a sword was he a swordsman.
KM: Yes he was the best in this town he was going to teach Kenji when he returned from his travels. Kenji till this day sharpens and polishes his father’s sword would you like to see it?
G: Yes please if that’s ok.
KM: oh it’s no problem at all (5 min later) Here it is this was my husband’s favorite sword this sword never left his side until he entrusted it to Kenji and took a regular sword with him when he left.
(Gin looks at the sword and is shocked.)
G: Sai show yourself I need you to look at this sword.
KM: Huh? Who are you talking too?
G: you will see in a minute.
(Sai emerges)
KM: Oh My is that what I think it is. Are you Sai the sky dragon spirit?
S: How do you know my name let alone that I am dragon of the skies.
KM: My husband use to tell us about legends he would come across on his travels but the one he would always tell was the battle between dragons long ago.
S: He was a very well informed man Gin let me look at the sword (Sai looks shocked) Mrs. Hayato did your husband ever talk about this sword.
KM: No not even a word all he said was that he was going to entrust it to Kenji why do you ask?
G: This sword was made by the legendary sword smith muramasa it is a rare sword like mine and only a few were made.
S: But what people don’t know this sword was made for a purpose this sword is known as the Raijenko it was made to control the powers of lighting or as legends say control the powers of a dragon.
KM: Really what dragon?
G: I don’t know I was only told about the legend of Sai.
S: That’s because only a dragon knows about his brethren this sword was made to harness the power of my friend and student Raiko but legends say that no one has ever been worthy of his power hence why Raijenko was lost in history do you still remember where your husband was going when he left.
KM: Come to think of it he was looking at the sword a lot before he left like if he was looking for something.
S: what could he have been looking for? AH! Now I remember Gin pull the sword about a quarter inch away from the sheathe. And look for the word Raizen and press should be hiding around the sheathes wrap.
G: you mean here .
(Presses button)(A click is heard the button of the sheath pops open)
G: What is this secret compartment? (Looks inside) there’s a letter dressed to Kenji.
(Kenji appears)
K: Let me read it!
KM: Kenji how long u been there.
K: Since the beginning I came to tell you the food was ready.
S: Let him read it Gin it was addressed to him by his father he needs to know his last words that he left for his son.
G: Your right Sai here Kenji (hands the letter) read it while I eat cause im starving.
KM: (Laughs) Here il show you where the kitchen is Kenji (kenji looks at his mother) Come when you are ready.
K: (Nods) Opens letter.
Ken Sr: Kenji if you are reading this that means you have unlocked the first secret of the sword I have left you the next secret I will tell you in this letter before I left a source of mine had told me about the return of the dark dragon and once again the power of the mysthical dragons were going to be needed again that is why I left Raijenko in your hands I knew it would be safe with you. I headed to the lost forsaken city where my source was lead to believe that this is where Raizen The Dragon of Thunder lies it is a dangerous place and if your reading this this might have been my final resting place. Do me a favor son take care of your mom for me and tell her im sorry for not coming back and promise me you will keep Raijenko safe. I have a feeling the dragon of the skies might come looking for the wielder of the sword and I have a feeling you have been the one chosen by Raizen to be his wielder follow your destiny my son. I will always be with you… You have made me proud…
K: (Starts to cry)
G: (comes around the corner and looks at Kenji)
S: Leave him be Gin tomorrow will be a new day for that boy.
KM: Gin…
G: Yes Mrs Hayato.
KM: Please take care of Kenji Ken told me one day a warrior wearing your clans crest would come and it was important that Kenji went with him on his journey.
G: You sure Mrs. Hayato were I go danger follows.
KM: He should be fine his father was a swordsman so it’s in his blood to defend himself and I’m sure you will show him how to do it.
G: I promise to keep him safe.
S: I believe it is a wise choice for him to come with us Gin Raijenko does not see the light of day unless it’s being called by its master.
G: Who is that again?
S: Weren’t you paying attention when I was telling the story of its owner?
G: Ah NO I was thinking about food while you were talking
S: (slaps Gin)
G: Why you do that for I haven’t eating all day because of you it’s natural that I’m thinking about food.
S: A true warrior doesn’t think about food while training.
G: That’s why you’re a spirit you probably died of starvation (whispers to himself)
S: What did you say!
G: Nothing Nothing (you hateful bastard turns around)
S: Gin!
G: Yes! (Turns around)
S: (looks at Gin with a sinister look) let see if you survive training tomorrow let’s see how much of a hateful bastard I am you Son of a Bitch!!!!
G: Shit!!! How you hear that.
S: I’m connected with your mind you dumb piece of shit how do you think we communicate through telepathy.
G: Aint that a bitch!
(Mrs. Hayato looks)
G: Sorry for my language.
S: (laughs)
G: Shut up Sai.
(Kenji walks in the kitchen)
K: I’m going out for a walk.
KM: You’re not going to eat.
K: I’m not hungry.
G: I’ll go with you I need some fresh air.
K: Oh okay.
(Gin and Kenji start walking outside the village)
G: So where are we going Kenji?
K: A Place where I come to think.
G: Hmm okay.
(10 min later)
K: We are here this is where I come to think.
(Gin walks closer to the cliff)
G: Wow! You can see the whole village from here.
K: Yea I used to come here with my dad and talk about his adventures.
G: You really miss your dad, I miss my dad too. Hell the last time I had a conversation with him was because I started trouble in matter fact those where the only times we actually had conversations.
K: What happened to him?
G: He was killed protecting my village the last time I saw him he died in front of my eyes by the man I’m looking for Sage and when I do find him ill look forward to ending his life and avenging my father.
G: But never mind that what’s on your mind Kenji.
(Kenji pulls out Raijenko from his waist)
K: I want to fulfill my father’s last wishes and be a strong warrior like him.
G: I see your mother ask me to train you personally and to take you with me on my journey.
K: I would like to see my father’s final resting place.
G: The Forsaken City.
K: Yes!
G: well that’s where we are heading is this why you brought me here to tell me this.
K: Yes that’s what I came here for to make my final decision.
G: Hmm ok we will leave tomorrow morning and train along the way. Tonight get some good sleep and say your good bye to your mother…..
S: GIN!!!!!!!
(Loud explosion Gin and Kenji look towards the village and see it light up in flames)
(Sai appears next to Gin)
S: I had a strange feeling ever since we left the village now I know what it was.
G: And you decided to tell us now!
(Kenji stands in shock)
(Starts running back to the village)
G: Kenji wait, DAMN IT! Sai lets hurry back to the village.
Gin and Kenji make it back to the house and see it in flames all of a sudden a mysterious figure approaches outside from the flames.
Mysterious Character: Where is the sword woman?
KM: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
MC: Don’t lie to me woman (chokes Mrs. Hayato)
K: Mother!
KM: Kenji Run he wants your fathers sword.
MC: Ah so he has the sword.
Kenji pulls out Raijenko
K: Let her go you monster!
MC: (laughs) or what boy!
K: I’ll kill you if you hurt her.
MC: Oh really (throws Mrs. Hayato into the burning house. He extends his hand towards Kenji)
G: Kenji! Watch Out!
MC: Say good bye to mama (Dark energy engulfs in his hands and throws it at the house)
K: Nooo! (Runs towards the house)
G: Kenji Nooo!
The house explodes and Kenji is thrown back
G: I got you.
Kenji stands up and runs towards the mysterious man.
G: Kenji no! He is far too strong for you to take on alone.
K: I’ll kill you for what you did to mother!!! AHAHAH!!!!!
MC: Come join your Mother in the abyss.
Kenji swings wildly while the mysterious man dodges every move.
MC: Master Sage will be proud when I kill you and present the sword to him with your head!
G: Sai he knows where Sage is?
S: Never mind that help Kenji that man must not take Raijenko!
G: Right (reaches for his sword)
G: Take me to the places I cannot reach where our light impales the darkest beast.
The ground around Gin Cracks while his aura pours out its brightly blue color as he powers up and disappears in a flash!
MC: Grabs Kenji by the throat.
K: Argh (chokes) Dam You (Kenji passes out)
MC: I’ll kill you quickly.
(Senses Gin behind him and lets go of Kenji and blocks Gin’s attack while stumbling back)
G: Yours skills are as I imagined in order for you to notice me so quickly.
MC: Ah so you’re the boy that master Sage wants dead this must be mu lucky day ill deliver two heads to Master.
He reaches for his sword but is interrupted by Sage
MC: Yes Master?
Sage: Come back Kaizer I need you here.
Kaizer: But Master I can kill them both now!
Sage: Do I have to repeat myself?
Kaizer: No master!
Kaizer: The name is Kaizer Morimoto. And tell Kenji I will be seeing him again.
Gin: No you won’t (starts flash stepping towards Kaizer)
A lightning bolt strikes down and Kaizer disappears.
Sai: Dam he disappeared.
Kenji wakes up.
Kenji: where is he Gin?
Gin: I’m sorry Kenji I failed you he disappeared he left you a message before he left. He said his name was Kaizer Morimoto and he will be back but don’t worry you will be ready for him.
Kenji: Son of a bitch I’ll kill him.
Gin: We will Kenji I promise you we will avenge your mother’s death.
Kenji crawls to Gin
Kenji: Please master; teach me how to fight how to be a warrior like you.
Gin looks at Kenji and sees himself from when his village was destroyed.
Gin: I will teach you the basics Kenji you must learn the rest on your own instincts we will gather supplies and leave tomorrow at dawn but for now let’s pay respects to your mother.

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Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/4/12
Chapter 6 done now working on chapter 7
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Posted 4/30/12 , edited 5/1/12
if any one has any thoughts or questions feel free to ask i gladly accept any comments
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Chapter 6 part 2

The sun was rising and hit kenji s dark red hair almost making it look orange gin s blonde hair shinning bright almost like a gold color gin walked next to kenji and taped his shoulder as a sign it was time to leave his moms final resting place

Kenji gets up and grinds his teeth while whispering il avenge you mother I promise he turns and follows his master

K master where are we going

G we are going to gather supplies but first we must change our clothes we can't walk around with these dirty burnt rags we have on

K okay master I know a place we can buy clothes

G lead the way apprentice he laughs I can get used to this

Sai emerges and slaps gin don't you forget your my apprentice I own your ass

G let me have fun Sai you party pooper

S looks at gin serious

G fine fine lets go kenji

K laughs right

Gin and kenji start walking through the village the village look so peacefull almost like they had no knowledge of what occurred a few hours ago

G this is quite a peaceful village kenji you sure you want to leave this place

K yes master I'm just like you now I have no home to come back to and I must avenge my mothers death

G this will not be an easy task my apprentice and it will change you you must have a killer instinct all the time you never know when your life will be endanger.

K I understand master I wont let you down here is the store I was talking about Eikichi's General Store he should have everything we would need for our journey.

Gin looks at the store

G Looks perfect a nice median size store with a big red letter sign saying Eikichi's you can tell it does good business because the building looks nicely maintained and the grass is cut very nice.

Gin and Kenji walk inside the store.

A healthy old man greets them behind the counter.

E Welcome to Eikichi's how may I help you today. Ah Kenji I'm so glad you're safe I heard what happened are you all right.

K I'm okay Mr. Eikichi. We just came to gather supplies and we will be on our way.

E You are going after your mother's killer, aren't you.

K (look's shocked) did you know?

E I may be old Kenji but im not stupid I know everything that happens in this town and outside the village. Your father told me that one day this might happen and he left something here for you.

Eikichi hands Kenji a box

E And he also left this for you hands him a scroll.

K What is this (opens the scroll) A Map? Wait it says here a map of The Forsaken City.

G (looks at the map) Great now we know how to get there.

K Wait.... Master Gin I thought you knew how to get there.

G Well....

Sai Emerges and starts laughing

S(laughs) He never knew where to even start he was just trying to act cool.(laughs harder)

G Shut up Sai I was going to ask you for directions anyway.

S Gin the only thing I know is the legend towards Raiko's tomb.... In The Forsaken City lies a secret passage towards a temple that hides the brightest light.

G Well from what we know so far that city is The Forsaken City and this map will lead us towards him.
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Posted 7/31/12 , edited 8/1/12
i Have started reconstructin Gin to make it more intereseting so far its just the first few chapters that i am working on chapter one is now more longer and more interesting
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Posted 8/8/12 , edited 8/8/12
Reconstructed chapter 1

Chapter 1
The Village of the Shadows

In a remotely peaceful village deep within the forest lies the village of the shadows. This village holds many secrets and treasure's one of those treasures is The Dark Dragon Sword which has been kept in hiding for 50 years ever since the great dragon war. Many have tried to steal the sword to unleash the dark dragon powers that lies within this blade.
Man Yelling: Stop Him! Stop That Thief!
A blonde haired boy is seen running with a small lock box.
Blonde Boy: (laughs) you cant catch me you old man.
Man Yelling: Stop Him Give Me That Box Right Now!
Woman #1: Isn’t that Gin again.
Woman #2: Yep again getting into trouble that boy never learns.
Gin: I’m almost home free.
Gin falls to the ground.
Gin: Hey what the hell?
Gin looks up and sees a well toned old man with silver hair wearing a silver coat with black pants and a silver shirt.
Man: Getting into trouble yet again my son.
Gin: Oh Crap.
Man: What are you doing now.
Gin:Nothing catch you later Dad.
Tries to run off but is caught by his father in the ear
Gin's Dad: Oh no you don't come here boy.
Man: I finally caught up to you little thief, oh Master Shin how are you doing sir?
Shin: I’m doing good what seems to be the problem here?
Man: This boy here broke into my store and stole from me.
Shin: Oh really now what did you steal Gin.
Gin: Just some lock box I was gonna return it later I just wanted to see if my skills are still sharp.
“hold the ear tighter”
Shin: Your supposed to be the heir of the Miyazaki clan and here you are getting into trouble.
Gin: Ouch ouch that hurts.
Shin: I’ll take it from here ill make sure you get paid for any damages.
Man: Thank you Shin you take care of us that’s why you are a great leader.
Shin: A leader is responsible for his people he must protect them no matter what. And discipline them when they do wrong right son (pulls ear) now apologize.
Gin: (mumbles) Sorry.
Shin: What was that we could not hear you.
Gin: I'm sorry I stole your lock box sir (bow's down).
Man: Apology accepted just don't do it again. (walks away)
Shin: Let’s go for a walk Gin.
Shin: Gin why do you get into so much trouble.
Gin: I don’t know.
Shin: Gin one of these days you will have to be leader of this village, and you must learn to protect it along with our most valued treasures.
Gin: With you here I don't need to protect anything besides its just an old sword.
Shin: That sword is a sword with incredible powers to destroy anything in its path that swords is filled with evil that’s why we protect it to never let it fall in the hands of the enemy.
Shin: But don’t worry my son this village is hidden and only a few know of its whereabouts.
Gin: I know Dad but we still have you here if it ended up in the wrong hands you would protect us like you did so many years ago from the dragon wars.
Shin: Yes I did but that was long ago but I didn't do it by myself I had help from Sai.
Gin: Who was that again father?
Shin: Sai the Sky Dragon he is the spirit that lies in slumber in my sword here.
Shin shows Gin his sword the handle a form of a dragon with blue crystals as its eyes the blade covered in a black sheath.
Gin: Why is he in deep slumber?
Shin: In the Dragon Wars we used all of our power to stop the Dark Dragon Zerenos so he has been in deep sleep until his power is needed again my son but he wont appear to anyone you must prove yourself worthy in his eyes in order to awaken him.
Shin: Here Gin you will be the owner of this sword now.
Gin: Me... Why now your still the village leader father.
Shin: Gin did you forget its your birthday today and its tradition to pass down this sword to the heir of the Miyazaki clan on their 18th birthday here its now your responsibility to watch over this sword.
Shin: Now for your birthday we are going to cook your favorite food.
Gin: Yes! (screams in excitement) Rice and a nice juicy steak (mouth begins to water) I can taste it right now.
Shin: But because of your little incident this morning I have to punish you but since its your birthday I will go easy on you all you have to do is buy everything that's on this list I the next village over and be quick about it you wouldn't wanna miss your birthday party now would we.
Gin: Aw fine dad I guess that's reasonable.
Shin hands gin the list
Gin: What all this dad how am I supposed to carry all of this.
Shin: Just think of it as a training session son now go.
Gin: Oh man this sucks.
A girl with blue hair wearing a white and blue kimono with a red ribbon in her hair walks towards Gin.
Hey Ginki San how are you doing today. Says the girl.
Gin Stop calling me that Kairi.
Kairi (laughs) aw is ginki mad that he got punished again that's what happens when you start trouble.
Gin Ah so what are you up too anyway.
Kairi (laughs) Me and your mom are going to go buy decorations for your party tonight he-he i am also getting your present too.
Gin Really what are you getting me.
Kairi Its a secret and I am not telling you.
Gin Aw come on Kairi aren't we friends just give me a clue.
Kairi Nope your going to have to wait till tonight.
Gin Fine well I will be back later gotta go to the next village and get some stuff for dad say hi to mom for me I will be back soon.
Kairi Don't take too long Gin, Mrs Miyazaki I am coming take care Gin. (Smiles brightly)
Gin I will take care Kairi be back very soon.
Gin starts walking towards the next village while on the road he crosses paths with a man wearing a black coat his face covered by the hood of his coat all that gin could see was his silver hair coming out of the hood.
Gin stops after awhile he has a weird feeling like something is about to happen he turns around and sees that there is no one there he turns around and keeps walking.
Gin Maybe its just my imagination....
Little does he know his life is about to change.....
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In your Dreams
Posted 11/15/12 , edited 11/16/12're really good with stories, Shadow-kun. And you're a roleplayer I assume? Keep up the chapters! It's really good!
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27 / M / New Jersey
Posted 11/16/12 , edited 11/16/12
Thank you yume reconstructed chapter 2 should be released soon lol just putting the finishing touches
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27 / M / New Jersey
Posted 11/28/12 , edited 11/29/12
ok incomplete version of chapter 2 for my viewers lol
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Posted 11/28/12 , edited 12/31/12
Return of the Dark Dragon Zerenos

While gin walks towards the next village he can't shake the feeling that something horrible is about to happen.

Meanwhile back in the shadow village the hooded man arrives at the gates to the village and is stopped by two guards.

Guard #1 Stop right there.

Guard #2 What is your business here.

The hooded man looks at the two guards and gives them a cynical smile my business laughs

Guards look confused

Hooded man stops laughing and says to see it burn he disappears in front of the guards and appears behind them he slashes one through the chest with his sword.

The other guard tries to yell for help but is stop by a fire blast from the hooded man.

Hooded man turns around laughing while he walks towards the village of the shadows

Meanwhile gin is finishing up his fathers list of supplies he suddenly gets the feeling something is wrong he looks towards where the village is located and sees smoke visible from a distance suddenly he hears a mysterious voice

Go back..... Gin .....Go back to the village.....

Gin drops the supplies and begins to run back towards the village like if his life depended on it

Meanwhile back at the village

Kairi..... Kairi..... Screams Gin s mother

Ms Miyazaki screams Kairi

What's going on Ms Miyazaki are we being attack by another clan Says Kairi

I don't know Kairi we must go to my husband he should know what's going on

Ok says kairi in a concerned tone

Let's go towards the temple my husband should be there he must not let the evil sword fall into enemy hands says ms Miyazaki

Right! Says kairi

They start running towards the temple and stop midway near a waterfall

What's wrong says kairi

Why don't you show yourself I know your there says ms Miyazaki

A clapping noise is heard and a mysterious figure appears in the shadows

I see you haven't lost your touch sora or is it ms Miyazaki now you did marry Shin Miyazaki says the hooded man

Who are you how do you know my name

Oh tell me you haven't forgotten about me all ready Sora

That voice it sounds familiar show me your face

Gladly the hooded man begins to pull his hood backwards silver hair fall covering his right eye while his left eye showed a green color

Wait it can't be your supposed to be dead

Oh I am very much alive other than these people in the village his hair covering his right eye moves showing a glowing dark red color

You attacked us ! Sage Yagami

Why yes off course you people were always beneath my powers afraid of the power you protected for four decades

Zerenos your after the dragon said ms Miyazaki

Not after more like take back what's was mine long ago said sage

Long ago... ? Sora looks confused

Who you think released zerenos 40 years ago

It was us the Yagami clan

Yes said Sora it was kaito Yagami who released the dark dragon zeronos but was stop by Shin and the dragon of the sky's Sai

Wrong the only reason why my father was defeated was because he knew the true wielder of zeronos was me before he went into battle he made zerenos transfer half his power onto me until the day I was able to control his power now I have come back to take back what's rightfully mine zeronos power and to finally see this village burn to the ground (evil laugh)

how could you screams kairi

Sage stops laughing and smirks because I can points his right hand towards kairy now die

Sage hand begins to glow a dark red color forming into a sphere

Sora turns to kairy her face in disarray and yells run kairy

Sage Too late zeaku

Kairi is frozen in a state of shock

Sora runs towards kairy and pushes her out of the way of the blast and is hit by the blast

Ms Miyazaki screams kairy

Sora lands on the floor

Ms Miyazaki ms Miyazaki screams kairy

Sora wakes up ka.... Kairy find Gin get him away from here

Ms Miyazaki I won't leave you says kairy

You have no choice he is too strong now go!!! says sora

Sora pushes kairy into the waterfall

Ms Miyazaki ms Miyazaki screamed kairy while trying to swim back

Find Gin! Get him out of the village screamed Sora

Jajaja laughed Sage historically oh wow heartfelt you sacrifice yourself for her sake

sage continues to laugh while holding his face with his right hand

I guess il kill her when I'm done killing everyone in this village says sage while looking at sora with a sinister look on his face

Sage points at Sora ka baku fuu a fire blast heads towards sora

Sora stands up and yells statue of the heavens

A statue of light appears in front of sora protecting her from sage's blast

Statue breaks apart and sage has disappeared sora looks desperately around

Where did he go says Sora

Behind you whispers Sage

Sora turns around to find nothing there turns around again to find Sage in front of her

Sage grabs Sora by the neck and lifts her up

Any last words sora said Sage

Burn in hell you son of a bitch

Ah now now there is no need for that language (sage pulls out a sword from his back) maybe I should cut out your tongue before I kill you

Near the Shadow clans temple

Guard Master shin! Master shin !

Shin Yes what's wrong ?

Guard The vi.... The vi....

Shin calm down son what is it

The guards breathes in slowly

Guard The village is under attack sir we don't know who it is

Shin opens his eyes in shock

Protect the sword till I return said shin

Ye.....s yes sir I will you three come with me said the guard

Shin steps outside

Shin what's going on here who dares attack us what's that light

Shin looks towards the bridge next to the waterfall

Someone is fighting down there said Shin

Shin grabs his sword and starts running towards the temple

Shin Why do I feel something is terrible wrong I must hurry
Back at the waterfall

Sage pulls out a sword ready to die Sora

No! But I hope you are

Sora backflips hitting sage in the face with her right foot knocking him backwards

Sage nose bleeds a little he wipes it away with his left hand while smiling I see there is still some fight in you

Sora you have no idea

Sora rushes towards sage throwing punches left and right

Sage I can see through all your attacks Sora

Sage blocks sora s right hand and grabs it with his left hand

Face it said Sora your death is inevitable

Sage right hand glows a dark black and red color

Sage zankotzu!

Sora ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Shin arrives at the waterfall

Oh no! Yells Shin

Sora is blown away from the blast

Shin catches Sora and kneels down Sora Sora darling please wake up !

Sora I'm sorry my love protect our son I love you....

Shin Sora Sora! Nooooooo!

Shin holds Sora s body close to his

Don't worry my love we will be together in the afterlife said Shin

Sage Aw that's nice but you forgot about one thing

Sage flash steps towards Shin and hits him in the face with his right hand

Shin stumbles backwards

Sage picks up Sora's lifeless body

I'm still here

Shin Sage.... Sage Yagami your supposed to be dead along with your whole clan.

I fought my way out with the little bit of power I had from zerenos said Sage

What are you talking about said Shin you never wielded zerenos

That's we're you are wrong Shin Miyazaki

I was always zerenos true wielder and now I have come to collect what's rightfully mine!

Sage throws Sora's body towards Shin and flash steps past him towards the temple

Shin Holds Sosa close while crying and yells DAMN YOU!!!!!!

The ground around Shin starts cracking under the pressure of his powerful aura fueled by anger

Shin places Sora near the waterfall crossing her arms and giving her one last kiss on her forehead I will see you soon my love he said while standing up he turns his attention towards the temple he grabs his sword and charges towards the temple nothing but anger fueling his soul

Guards Stop that man don't let him get the Dark Dragon Sword

multiple guards rush Sage

Sage Out of my way imbeciles

Sage blows the guards away with his dark evil aura he points his hand towards a door being guarded by guards Zaeku the dark blast is seen past through the door knocking all the guards down

In the distance of the dark room Sage can see his long awaited prize The Dark Dragon sword the swords dark evil aura glowing dark red sensing that its master is near...

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Interesting story bro, keep it up!
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In your Dreams
Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/28/12

TheShadowofHearts wrote:

Chapter 6 done now working on chapter 7

{Great~~~! I'll be looking forward to seeing Chapter 7~!}
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ok i have finished chapter 2 will start on chapter 3 soon
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Gin chapter 3

Sai's awakens The Dragon of Light and ruler of the Sky

The evil blade even though surrounded by chains levitates from the stand knowing its about to be set free its evil dark aura pouring into the room sage walks closer towards the sword

I waited a long time for you said Sage he pulls out his sword and begins cutting the chains he breaks the last chain and Shin arrives

Put that sword down screamed Shin

Zerenos is in my possession now you can't stop me. Zerenos show me your dark power Sage unleashes Zerenos a shock of dark power shakes the room Sage points the sword upwards and a dark beam shoots towards the ceiling tearing the temples roof apart until it is seen outside of the temple in the skies

Shin I must get out before I am buried here Shin quickly gets outside the temple only to see what he feared Zerenos has been brought back he can clearly see the dark dragons presence in the sky


Gin starts getting a funny feeling like something is terribly wrong he feels a strong aura coming from the village he looks towards the village and he sees the image of a dragon far away

What's that he says all of a sudden he feel a strange aura in his hip he looks toward his sword that his father Shin gave him he feels the aura pulsating then all of a sudden a bright blue aura is seen coming out of the blade and it begins to pulsate faster he hears a voice in his head say

Go back...... Go back towards the village....... I am needed......

Wha.... Who are you?......says Gin

Go back!!!!! A vision of a dragon is shown on Gin's mind

Gin in fear begins to run towards the village he can sense a great danger in the village cause the closer he gets to the village the faster the blade pulsates as if it knows the blade is needed once more

Shin shocked in fear of what lies in front of him the dark dragon Zerenos he defeated so long ago soaring through the skies the moon rising Zerenos roars in front of the moon as I warning darkness has returned to plague the world once again.

Come to me screamed Sage

Zerenos looks down towards his new master as he dives down wards he lands behind sage in a destructive manner destroying the ground behind Sage. Zerenos begins walking towards Sage standing right next to him Zerenos looks towards Shin knowing he once was defeated by him Zerenos let's out a huge roar towards Shin his sharp teeth looking like it could crush a person in mere seconds his fangs looked like he could tear you from limb to limb his body covered in dark blacks scales his eye shinning a dark red color wanting for blood and destruction

Shin gathered his courage to face this monster once again without the help of Sai he unsheathed his sword screaming come at me Zerenos I will seal you back into your sword then I will destroy it like I should have done long ago

Zerenos speaks
(Loud laughter) without your dragon you are powerless to stop me you are nothing but an old senile man!!!!

Dark energy focuses around Zerenos mouth it forms into a destructive ball Zerenos cocked his head backward then forward and releases the energy Shin realizing what is coming he screams Saieku bright blue energy shoots out of Shin's right hand both blast hit each other at full force a huge energy blast is form between the two making a crater their powers canceling each other out Shin drops to one knee breathing heavy.

Shin (breaths heavy) haven't used Saieku is such a long time I forgot how powerful this ability was

Sage (laughs) I see their is still life inside that old body of yours but how long can you withstand the power of Zerenos

Zerenos lifts his wings and roars

Shin stands up I will withstand as much as I need to aslong as I defeat you

Sage it is time to end this Shin, Zerenos (Zerenos looks at Sage) it is time. Let us begin our destruction said Zerenos

Sage begins enchanting.... Destruction lies in every place were you fangs have tasted every flesh this world shall be conquered by your darkness now unleash your fiery RAGE! Zerenos The Dragon of Darkness

Shin noooo he rushes towards Sage to stop the transformation

Sage you are too late Shin. Zerenos disappears into a dark light that is shot towards the dark sword in Sage's hand the swords is infused with Zerenos dark soul. The blade transforms into its most feared state the ultimate blade of darkness. The blade turns pitch black the handle showing the face of dark Zerenos the tip of the handle shows Zerenos evil eye as a jewel shinning brightly with its dark evil red eye.

Sage's dark aura pushes Shin back

Shin covers his eyes from the strength of Sage's evil aura I forgot how strong Zerenos presence is in his blade form.

Shin points his sword at Sage.

Sage smirks come welcome your death with open arms.

Shin splits into three images and rushes towards. Sage blocks all three with just the force of his evil aura the two images of Shin disappear leaving the Shin open to an attack Sage swings his sword and Shin blocks it in the nick of time still getting grazed by the sword in his left shoulder.

Shin grabs his shoulder in pain. Sage walks towards Shin my turn he says Sage rushes towards Shin disappearing before his eyes and reappearing behind him Sage swing his sword towards Shin and Shin begins blocking it the force of Sage swings echoes a loud bang that can be heard throughout the village Shin tries blocking with all his might but all he can do is block while being pushed back.

Shin this is not good I'm being overpowered by his might alone I must gain the upper hand. Sage swings a little wide and Shin seizes the opportunity and dodges his strike while kneeling while quickly spinning in a 360 angle and begins to counter attack Shin begins putting all his force behind every swing his aura burning with intensity while he pushes Sage backwards Shin swings his sword so hard that it makes Sage lose his balance Shin then stretches out his righ arm towards Sage chest and screams Senpaku a blast of aura shoots out of the palm of Shin and hits Sage directly in his chest.

Sage flys backwards hits a wall from the temple and rubble lands on top of him. Shin drops to one knee and catches his breath is it over he says he looks at the rubble and stands right back up he puts his sword back on its sheath and begins walking towards the rubble. Shin gets close to the rubble when out of nowhere Sage's aura explodes Shin face in totall shock not knowing that Sage is running towards him. Sage clothes lines Shin into another wall of a house blood spits out of Shins mouth while Sage begins to punch Shin from side to side Sage continues punching Shin until the wall breaks and Shin flys inside.

Shin I can't believe he is so strong I must not let him leave this village. Shin stands up slowly he slowly sheathes his sword without Sai I don't think I can last long in this state but I have to do whatever it takes to defeat him. Shin's aura begins to circle around him he starts to concentrate all his power his white hair begins showings signs of black stripes. The house sorounding Shin explodes his aura circling around him he screams while he unleashes a powerful aura wave blowing dust all around him Sage covers his eyes while the dust clears he sees an image of a dragon appears on top of Shin.

Sage ah interesting even without Sai by your side your still able to call his power. Shin it's all the power I will need to defeat you Sage. The image of the dragon shoots straight into Shin's back another huge explosion of aura this time Sage doesn't wait for the dust to settle he thrust his sword forward hoping to stab Shin in the process Sage feels like he succeeded cause his swords has come to a complete stop the dust settles Shin caught Sage's blade with his two hands he was completely transformed his aura bright blue showing static every once in awhile his blue eyes glowing a faint white shimmer his hair white hair with black stripes floating upwards.

Shin pushes Sage sword towards the side and punches Sage right in the stomach with a right hand the shock of the punch sends Sage flying backwards and rolls on the ground Sage stands up and coughs blood and laughs Zerenos voice is heard now there's the Shin I know Sage stands up interesting I didint know you had this much power left Shin that was for Sora you son of a bitch Sage looks at Shin with a killer look in his eyes i will enjoy killing you. Sage's dark aura shoots out of his body and counters Shin's aura a battle of control ensues their aura's colliding making one big tornado of pure destruction and on the center of that destruction you can see the battle continuing both have chosen to put away their swords and continue in close quarter combat with every punch it echoes throughout the village neither opponent holding back fighting in both in the ground and on the air. Sage steps back in the air he begins to cross his arms infront of Shin looking in between his arms with his dark red eye it begins to glow brighter Sage screams in anger as he opens his arms black dragon wings appear out of Sage's back Shin in totall shock dammit his gaining power every minute this is not looking good meanwhile at the entrance of the village Gin arrives and is brought down to his knees not believing what he is seeing with his own eyes the place where he was born and raised burning to the ground.

Gin why...why is this happening who could have done this and why.(starts crying) The mysterious voice appears again no time for crying Gin look up. Gin stands up and looks ahead he sees a fight in a distance he can feel the impact of the blows and sees the electricity surging while every blow is delivered. That must be father Gin begins to run towards the fight he might need my help Gin says.

Gin runs past the waterfall and stops he starts walking towards his mothers body. Gin no no no no he says while looking at his mothers lifeless corpse in the ground he falls on both knees mom please get up get up mom while he touches Sora she's gone says the mysterious voice I am sorry. This can't be says Gin this can't be happening Gin snaps he screams while crying a powerful aura shoots out of Gin he smashes the ground it shatters while while his energy shoots out of the ground his blonde hair begins turning silver he continues smashing the ground in rage he hears another loud impact and turns towards it I will kill who ever did this he stands up his aura in a bright white frenzy he puts one foot forward the ground shakes underneath his feet while putting all his force in his legs he flash jumps the ground breaking where he stood because of the force he arrives in the middle of the battlefield.

Sage it's time to end this Shin. Sage kicks Shin into the ground just a few feet away from Gin Shin stands up in pain Sage flies around then goes into a full fledged dive towards Shin for the killing blow Shin holds his sword tight and screams while he flies upwards towards Sage there powers collide in the middle of the air the force pushes Gin backwards Gin Screams FATHER!!!!.

The dust settles Gin looks up in shock Sage thrust his sword into Shin chest Shin coughs out blood and looks down towards Gin. I'm sorry my son I couldn't avenge your mother Sage looks at Gin he pulls out his sword out of Shin's chest and round house kicks Shin into Gin Gin catches his father dad dad everything will be fine your gonna make it through this. I'm sorry my son says Shin I couldn't avenge your mother trust in Sai he is our only hope (coughs up more blood) he caresses Gin's face I'm so proud of you my son.... Shin hand falls from Gin's face motionless dad dad screams Gin.

Awe what a great father and son reunion did you get to say goodbye to dear old daddy said Sage with a sinister look on his face.
You son of a bitch screamed Gin while he stood up he reaches for his sword and unsheats it il kill you. Awe are you in a hurry to meet mommy and daddy in the afterlife. Gin shut up rushes towards Sage their swords clash ah so you had the sword if your dad had his sword back maybe he would have put on a better show for me. I'll fucking kill you screamed Gin wait he realized he met this man before you were at the trail oh says Sage that was you at the entrance of the village maybe I should have killed you then saved you the trouble of seeing your daddy die in front of you just like your mommy died in front of your FATHER!.

Gin snaps it was you! I'm going to kill you! He pushes Sage.
Sage stumbles backwards and starts laughing loudly bring it boy Sage rushes Gin and punches him in the stomach then hits Gin with a right hook Gin spins in the air and falls on the ground. Sage laughs I don't need Zerenos to kill you il finish you off with my bare hands Sage sheaths Zerenos his dragon wings disappear Gin stands up and begin slashing at Sage he dodges Gin strikes while countering with his own punches Sage knocks Gin down again he starts walking towards Gin is this all the fight you got boy Sage brushes his hair back with his fingers your mother put up a better fight before I killed her (laughs) Gin has flashbacks of his mother smiling Gin screams his hair turns silver again he jumps from the ground and knees Sage in the face Sage falls and rolls backwards a few feet away from Gin don't you ever talk about my mother said Gin.

Sage gets up and laughs while he spits out blood ah you got balls kid I see you have tapped into Sai's power but that won't be enough to stop me but I grow tired of this game ill kill you quickly I have a world to conquer Sage disappears and appears next to Gin and grabs him by his shirt and begins punching the lights out of Gin he throws Gin to the ground and pulls out Zerenos time to die boy. Gin I'm sorry father I wasn't strong enough Gin looses concious. Sage thrust his sword towards Gin's chest and its stopped by a magical force what's going Zerenos says Sage. It is him says Zerenos. Sage tries to stab Gin pushing downward with all his strength Gin's sword begins to pulsate and a voice is heard This boy will not die by your hand not aslong as I'm here the sword pulsates faster the eye on the sword opens and shows a bright blue dragon eye. Damn you Sai says Sage

Gin opens his eyes and a bright light shoots out of his chest towards the sky a gold light appears from the skies and a mighty dragon's roar is heard a dragon flies out of the sky towards the ground in front of Sage. Sage jumps backwards while stabbing his sword on the ground to catch himself he looks towards Sai
His enormous white body towering over Gin Sai's blue eyes starring at Sage like daggers Sage calls out Zerenos the two dragons stare down at each other they both growl at each other showing their sharp teeths Sai readies a blast of energy and Zerenos counters it whith his own power their powers cancel each others out a blast of bright light is scene Zerenos and Sage cover their eyes when the light clears Gin and Sai are nowhere in sight dammit screams Sage Zerenos return Zerenos disappears back into the sword you got away this time Sai next time you won't be so lucky Sage turns around and puts his hood over his face and begins to walk away from the village in ruins.

Meanwhile a few miles away from the village Sai drops down in the forest and drops Gin between his legs and covers him with his tail for protection he looks at Gin you look so much like your father Sai looks up towards the Sky I will help you avenged them. Sai screams and growls in Anger Zerenos!!!!
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