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My Fan Made Story GIN
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Posted 2/25/13 , edited 1/29/14
Gin chapter 4 The first transformation

A voice says

Gin wake up..... Wake up Gin....

Not now mom give me 10 more minutes. Said Gin

Oh you will wake up now says the mysterious voice

A Dragon grabs Gin with his teeth and throws him a few feet away from him.

Gin waaaa ahhh falls hard on the ground what the hell !!!

Gin looks up to see who threw him and is shocked to see a dragon.

So your finally awake Gin.

Gin You... You can talk?

Why yes I can talk we dragons do posses the ability to learn any language including yours my names Sai you should have heard of me from your father. Said Sai

Wait your Sai the legendary dragon that fought with my father all those years ago? Said Gin

Yes I am why are you so surprised? Said Sai

I pictured you much bigger and scarier said Gin

Sai stands up and growls in Gin's face showing his sharp teeth.

Is that better?

Gin in shock swallows some spit and says yea that was pretty good. Where are we... I don't remember anything last thing I saw...


Gin seeing his mother lifeless body...

The village burning...

Seeing his father die in the battlefield...

The village! Mom Dad Kairi said Gin.

Gin turns around and begins to run towards the direction of the village.

Sai stops him in his tracks.

I am sorry Gin but there's nothing left for you back there the village is gone only pain and suffering await for you there... Said Sai

No... Gin drops to his knees It can't be how can this happen dad was the legendary warrior who saved everyone from Zerenos in the dragon wars. How could he have lost?

Sai turns his face towards the village.

Your dad was a great and fearfull warrior but he didint have enough power to face Zerenos this time he tried his best with what he had. Said Sai

(Sai gets angry) Sage he knew your dad would be vunarable yesterday he knew your father not having me by his side would make him weaker.

Gin looks at the sword the swords glows a bright blue aura.

If dad had his sword he would still be here (begins to cry)

It's not your fault Gin honor your father as the great warrior he was you must carry on his legacy and defeat Zerenos.

I will teach you everything I can in order for you to be strong enough to defeat Sage. He really is Zerenos true wielder I have never seen anyone with his power. The way he controlled Zerenos dark power like if it was nothing makes him very dangerous.

True wielder or not I will kill him il make him pay for everything he did! (Hits the ground with extreme force that cracks the ground beneath Gin) said Gin

Calm yourself Gin we are not out of harm’s way I have awakened now and Sage will do everything in his power to kill you he knows you’re a great treat and I made an unbreakable promise to your father when you were born. Said Sai


(Baby crying)

Aw look at him Sai he will be a great warrior. Said Shin

(Sai emerges from the sword in spirit form)

He looks like a cry baby to me Shin are you sure about him being a great warrior?

(Laughs) Just hear those cries he’s got some lungs in him and yes he will be I can see it in his eyes he will surpass me in power in due time I want you to promise me something Sai. Said Shin

(Sai looks at Shin)

What is it Shin?

One day I will entrust him with you and if anything happens to me I want you to watch over my son protect him with your power until he’s ready to be one with you. Said Shin

You think he can handle the transformation and my power? Shin

He is my son and I won’t live forever Sai he will be your next master the blood of the Miyazaki’s run through his veins he will succeed with the trials that you put him true I believe in him. Said Shin

(Sai looks at the baby)

Have you decided a name Shin if he is my future master I must know his name.

His name will be Gin, Gin Miyazaki…. Said Shin

Really that’s all you could think of (laughs) Said Sai

Shut Up! Said Shin

Its ok so you will be Gin (Sai looks at Gin) I promise Shin I will protect him with my life. Said Sai

(Gin smiles at Sai)

See he likes you already Sai. Said Shin

(Sai laughs) He likes me now wait till the training starts.

(Shin breathes deeply)Yeah don’t remind me I still have mental scars (laughs hysterically)

Oh it wasn’t that bad it made a man out of you. Said Sai

Yeah after I almost died a few time’s. Said Shin

Sai looks at Shin

Now I see where Gin gets his crying from his fathers a big baby (laughs)

(Shin laughs along)

Grow up strong my son (kisses Gin on the cheek) I will protect you even when my heart stops beating.

(Flashback ends)

And that is why I will protect you because I made a promise to your father and dragons don’t break promises. Said Sai

(Gin wipes tears from his eyes)

Where do we start Sai?

You must train in the Temple of Dragons I have awakened but you still do not possess the ability or knowledge to wield me let alone use my powers. Said Sai

Temple of Dragons where and what is that place? Said Gin

The Temple of Dragons is the place where we Dragons train our masters in combat and transformations. It also has trials for each Dragon Master to further understand our power. And as to where the Temple is only we dragons can take you there by using our powers because its location must be kept secret I will teleport you there once you are ready Gin.

(Gin brushes off the dirt in his clothes)

All right that’s better I am ready Sai.

Ok (says Sai) let us begin.

(Sai transform into his spirit form a small ghostly figure of him and floats towards Gin)

Wow your small know. Said Gin

Yes this is my spirit form it makes it easier to travel now don’t be scared. Said Sai

Scared of what (said Gin)

(A whirlwind start on Gin legs)

Sai what’s that what’s going on

I am teleporting us I said don’t be scared (laughs)

(The winds pick up and a barrier comes from the ground and traps gin like a diamond a bright lights shoots from the sky and hits the barrier and Gin and Sai disappear)

(Miles away)

Hmm it has begun I hope you come back stronger boy Sai won’t save you next time.

(Turns around and puts on the hood of his cloak while wind blows on his cloak he gives a sinister laugh as he walks away)

(Gin arrives at the Temple of Dragons)

A light shoots down into a cave Gin is brought down still in the barrier as it slowly lands on a platform the barrier slowly dematerializes

Gin slowly walks forward

It’s dark in here. Said Gin

As Gin continues walking forward his foot touches a magical seal on the ground and out of nowhere torches start lighting up in a straight line as Gin looks he can see The Temple appear out of the darkness as the torches reach the entrance of the temple the torches spread in a wide area showing the entire temple.

Gin continues walking slowly towards the temple looking at his surroundings he sees statues of people with dragons behind them.
Sai what are those statues and why are the dragons made out of different gems? Said Gin

They are the dragons that were in the war there colors represent there elements the people you see in front were they’re masters. Said Sai

Where are the dragons now? Said Gin

Most of them died in the war with their masters the remaining few returned to their weapons where they lay dormant until needed again.
Said Sai

Hmm ok

Gin reaches the temple stairs and looks up to see a giant statue of Sai made out of blue topaz.

Wow it’s a statue of you! Says Gin

Gin climbs up the stair the closer he gets to the statue he can see another one underneath it.

What’s that? Says Gin

You should know. Said Sai

Gin reaches the top of the stairs and gets shocked by what he sees

Is… Is that dad…?

Walks closer and hugs the statue

It is dad.

Gin looks at his father’s statue standing tall posing with his sword in front of him.

Wow he looked like such a bad ass back then. (Laughs)

Yeah he was a lot like you when he was young always trying to show off. (Sai laughs)

I don’t always show off huh Sai what’s that.

Gin looks behind the statue sees a hallway. He walks towards the hallway and stops in the center.
What’s with all the different doors where do they lead to?

Not every dragon master trains the same way Gin each dragon has their own element Fire Wind Water Earth Lighting and then my element Light and Zerenos Darkness. As you can see the door are marked by elements. Said Sai

Are you able to master multiple elements? Said Gin

Dragon masters are able to master all the elements if they can withstand the knowledge of every element which takes a toll on the body.

Shin was able to master 6 elements. Said Sai

What was the last element he couldn’t master? Said Gin

Darkness… He never discovered how to control it and at some points in time he was almost consumed by it. So your father vowed to never access the element of darkness.

So what door do I start with Sai? Said Gin

The choice is yours and yours alone Gin. Said Sai

What element did father choose first? Said Gin

He chose the Lighting Element your father lacked in speed and the Lighting Element help him gain an advantage against faster opponents with immense speed that was rivaled to no one.

Except for me I was always on equal ground when it came to speed with my dad. Said Gin

He never activated his lighting element trust me Gin your father was much faster than you think. Said Sai

If you say so Sai I’ll just have to prove to you I was faster than my dad.

(Gin walks to the lighting element door)

So you chose this element interesting let’s see if you are your father’s son. Said Sai

(Gin turns the knob to the left and opens the door a bright light appears)

(Gin takes a deep breath and walks in)

(Gin continues to walk forward while looking around he sees a path leading to a mountain)

Where are we Sai?

This place is where you will train Gin follow this path to the mountain till the top you will find a temple and there will your true test awaits for now the easy part begins. By the way jump back!

Wait… What…

(Gin looks up and a lightning bolt shoots towards him)

Shit! Move

(Gin jumps backwards and stumbles on the ground)

What the fuck was that Sai!

(Sai laughs)

This is where your training starts you must prove yourself to the element that you are worthy of its power make it to the temple while dodging his bolts this is where your so called speed comes to play can you reach the temple without getting hit by the lighting.

All right

(Gin gets up from the ground pats the dust from his clothes)

All I have to do is not get hit by the lightning sounds simple.

(Gin starts stretching)

I wouldn’t take too long doing that if I were you. Said Sai

(Another lightning bolt shoots towards gin again)


(Gin jumps to his right spinning and lands on his hands and feet begins to dash forward to the temple)

(Gin begins dodging lightning bolts left and right while dashing forward)

Shit, damn, fuck that was close… I can see the stairs now I got to climb fast.

(Gin reaches the top of the stairs but is blown back by a lightning bolt hitting the ground in front of him)

Ahhh damn didn’t see that coming.

(Gin lands on his feet and dashes forward)

I won't stop now!

(Temple doors slammed opened)

Made it (breathing heavily)

(Gin looks around)

It’s so dark in here where can I find a torch?

(Gin walks forward and torches begging lighting up)


I got to start getting used to that.

(Gin see’s the torches light up and reveal a hallway)

This must be the way.

(Gin continues to walk down the hallway he looks at the walls noticing images of dragons)

Sai who are these dragons in these images?

They are the dragons who’s power was lighting they were quick and agile and very shocking in a matter of speak.

(Sai laughs)

(Gin arrives in front of a stone door)

So Gin, are you ready for your first test.

Ready as I will ever be… Said Gin

Behind this door lies your opponent that will test your abilities to master the speed of the lighting element.

(Gin opens the door a gust of wind enters the room)

(Gin takes a deep breath and walks into the room)

(While standing in the middle of the room Gin looks around he sees stone columns around the room the room is well lit up but he sees no one around and asks Sai.)

Sai is this a joke there’s no one here how am I supposed to be test…

(Before Gin can finish his sentence he gets kicked in the face by a round house kick)

(Gin spins in circles and lands on a wall)

You shouldn't speak so soon Gin

(Gin spits out blood and wipes his mouth)

Good so you show yourself finally

(Gin looks up confused)

Huh? Where is he?

Gin Move! (Screamed Sai)

(Gin moves to the side and avoids a straight kick)

Wow your fast.

(Gin looks at his opponent before he disappears)

(Gin hears a voice)

My name is Tarrant!

(A bolt of lightning shoots down in the middle of the room and Tarrant appears)

(Gin lowers his arms to see Tarrant he sees a white haired man with a black vest and white pants)

(Gin sees that Tarrant’s eyes are closed)

This is my chance to strike back. (Gin Rushes to Tarrant) (Gin throws six punches but Tarrant Dodges five of them and catches Gin’s last punch)

You are weak (Says Tarrant) is this all the speed and power you have? (Tarrant opens his eyes lighting can be seen inside his eyes)

(Gin goes for a roundhouse kick but misses) Dammit!

Too slow (Says Tarrant while elbowing Gin in the stomach)

(Gin tumbles backwards)

My Turn! (Says Tarrant)

(Gin tries blocking Tarrant’s punches but there so fast that Gin can’t keep up)

(Gin gets hit with a punch to the stomach that sends him flying backwards into the wall)

(Tarrant continues his deadly assault punching Gin through the wall)

Sai ugh how can I get the upper hand on this guy he’s far too fast I can’t keep up with him?

You must tap into your abilities (said Sai)

That’s easier said than done Sai

(Tarrant rushes towards Gin with a kick. Gin jumps to the side while Tarrant’s kick hits the wall)

(Debris flies from Tarrant’s impact. Gin rushes to Tarrant for a counter attack.)

Gin hooks Tarrant by the neck and brings him down with force cracking the floor in the process.

He continues pummeling Tarrant on the floor.

Tarrant grabs hold of Gin’s right hand and kicks him off.

Gin roll on the ground then grabs a hold of his composure. Gin and Tarrant but stand up at the same time.

Gin clenches his fists and begins a bouncing motion almost as if he was about to lift himself from the ground.

Tarrant looking confused take’s on a fighting stance waiting for Gin to make a move.

Gin continues bouncing up and down Gin smile’s at Tarrant.

Tarrant slightly turns his head in confusion in this precise moment before Gin’s feet hit the ground he went into overdrive appearing on Tarrant’s right side before he knew where he was both engaged in close quarter combat neither giving in but both taking heavy damage.

Tarrant hits Gin in the body staggering him before he hit's the ground Gin throws a reverse roundhouse kick catching Tarrant in the jaw sending him flying a few steps ahead of Gin.

Gin puts his right hand on the ground to catch himself from falling then he propels himself forward towards Tarrant.

Gin with momentum flips forward and kicks Tarrant. Tarrant blocks the kick with his left arm and punches Gin in the face with his right hand sending Gin rolling backwards.

This isn't going so well Sai.

nonsense you hurt him with that kick so this fight is not entirely going to shit.

I GROW TIRED OF THIS! (screams Tarrant)

Tarrant clasped his hands together then open them slowly revealing a sword with electric energy surrounding it. He swung the sword downwards fully revealing it in further detail showing a dark blue katana.

I suggest you get up and unleash me my power if you want to stand a chance up against him now.
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Posted 2/26/13 , edited 2/27/13

TheShadowofHearts wrote:

Hi! I'm looking for ways to practice proofreading and I would like to Volunteer to proofread your fan fiction for you. I would just be looking for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. And making sure sentences make sense.
That way you can focus on your story.
If you would like I'll proofread the prologue so that you can see my work before you decide.
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Posted 4/1/13 , edited 4/2/13
Just to ask, but why not post this on a site more dedicated to original/fan-made stories? For instance (just the two I use), you could use (for original content) and (for fan fiction).
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Idk I started here and I barely have time to look around for other websites lol
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Just read about 30 mins worth of this, was a great read!
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i feel like chapter 4 its getting too long so im going to make a chapter 5 lol
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sorry for no recent updates been very busy lately with Con's and a new relationship i have not abandon the story more of Gin coming soon
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