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Posted 8/13/10 , edited 8/13/10
I've used 4shared and mediafire yet I get this message when I try to add a song through URL

There seems to be a problem with the link. Please double check the link and try again

Can anyone share their upload sites which work? Or maybe point out a problem which I may have skipped
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Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10
For common songs you can use the search function to find music to add to your playlist. If you can't find it by searching, you would need to use a direct link to the file in order to add it to your playlist.

Most free hosting sites (like the 2 you mentioned) don't allow you to directly link to the files. I use a paid hosting service for my personal needs but I just tried the following free site and it seems pretty good. It will work with your playlist since they allow direct/hot linking.
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