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Posted 8/13/10 , edited 8/14/10

About the Freebies

This thread/Forum is of freebies that are posted by MODS of MMC// If members want to post some freebies then discuss with the group leader in PM. Here you can take the free avis that the staff here worked so hard and being generous to give away for free :D


-Follow the rules thats given by the person who posted there freebies.
-Don't steal
-Don't Claim
-Keep this forum//thread neat
-NO spamming
-This forum is only use of FREEBIES~
-Any questions/comments PM a MOD, Talk to the creator, or in COMMENT forum.

Note to MODS

Please make sure your signature//copyright is on your freebie so no one can steal it!
(Your freebies can have copyrights like "[c](User name)" or "[c]MewMewCreation Freebie (User name)" ext..)
Be responsible of your own freebies and post! any questions comments PM the creator.


Comment here

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Posted 8/13/10 , edited 11/28/10


-Comment here to say thank you and that you took a freebie (IF NOT ITS RUDE THAT YOU DIDN'T)
-Do not Claim my freebie is yours
-Do not re-edit my freebie
-You may put text on it (Like your user name)
-DO NOT comment in this forum there is a forum for the comments (Thats the first rule I mention)
-Don't put your signatures on my freebies because my signatures are already on them to prove I made them.


I worked hard on the freebies. I put my signature on my freebies as proof I made them. please don't forget to comment in the comment forum that you took a freebie and at least a thank you. Read rules carefully. I update my freebies constantly so check each free time you have on my freebies I update each day or week so there is fresh new graphics to take freely~

Comment here TO SAY THANK YOU!



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Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/25/10
-I_r_Miru-'s Freebie

1. DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT re-edit my avii =3 That includes adding Text ;D
2. ok I'm done LOL =D

Posted 11/19/10 , edited 11/19/10
awww awesome n hottie >//////////////< i cant take ma eyes away from it >/////////////////////< thanx 4 yer hard work angel-san^^
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