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Nickname: Mi-chan, Yui-chii, Miyui, Miyu
Age: 14 (turning 15)
DOB: September 30th
Gender: Female
Likes: Friends, Family, Cats, Ramen
Dislikes: Annoying People, Dogs, Anything Gross
Status: Single // N.B.S.B. (No Boyfriend Since Birth [LMAO XD])



Miyui is a shy, scaredy cat who loves ramen, cats, and music. She hates anything gross, and annoying people. She is cute, tall, and smart. She owns LOTS of costumes and clothes even though she is not that addicted to fashion. She is called the Mysterious Girl at school because she appeared out of nowhere. However, she tells anyone who asked about where she came from, she just says that she found herself on a beach after the ferry she's been riding have sunk. Now ,living in her own condominium on her own after saving ALOT of money on working and studying double time for buying it, she is friends/enemies with Kukai who often tease and scare her to death alot and when he gets a mistake of a tease, she can immediately become aggressive. She composes songs when she made a nice tune on her guitar. Aside from being a freshman, she is also a working student who works for a club which is safe for minors. She gets invited often to sing for other occasions. She has an older brother named Rikuto and a younger half-brother named Akio.
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