[2011 J-Drama] Ohisama

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Title: おひさま
Title (romaji): Ohisama
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Family
Episodes: 156
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-04 to 2011-Sep-24
Air time: Monday-Saturday, 08:00


Set in Nagano prefecture, "Ohisama" covers the life of Yoko Sudo (Mao Inoue) through World War II. Yoko Sudo with her smile is able to bring brightness to those other around her & she follows her mother's motif to laugh through hard times. During the onset of WW II, Yoko Sudo is a high school student and "Ohisama" follows her as she eventually becomes a teacher and then gets married and has a child. Yoko Sudo then opens a soba restaurant with her student.


Yoko Family

Inoue Mao as Yoko Sudo
Yagi Yuki as young Yoko Sudo
Wakao Ayako (若尾文子) as old Yoko Sudo
Harada Tomoyo as Yoko Hiroko
Terawaki Yasufumi as Yoko Ryoichi
Watanabe Misako as Kirino Fujiko
Tanaka Kei as Yoko Haruki
Nakagawa Taishi (中川大志) as young Yoko Haruki
Nagayama Kento as Yoko Shigeki
Watanabe Jinpei (渡邉甚平) as young Yoko Shigeki

Maruyama Family

Kora Kengo as Maruyama Kazunari
Higuchi Kanako as Maruyama Tokuko
Kushida Kazuyoshi (串田和美) as Maruyama Michio


Mitsushima Hikari as Tsutsui Ikuko
Maiko (マイコ) as Soma Machiko
Hiraizumi Sei as Soma Gozo
Watanabe Eri as Murakami Kayo
Saiki Shigeru as Murakami Sadao
Emoto Tokio as Miyamoto Takeo
Katsu Ryuichi (勝隆一) as young Miyamoto Takeo
Ito Ayumi as Takahashi Natsuko
Hashimoto Mami (橋本真実) as Tanaka Yuki
Arakawa Chika (荒川ちか) as young Tanaka Yuki
Kaneko Nobuaki as Kawahara Koichi
Kondo Yoshimasa as Ida Kotaro
Saito Yuki as Haraguchi Fusako

NHK has revealed the details of its 84th Asadora (morning drama) series, titled "Ohisama." The show, set to air during spring and summer of 2011, will star young actress Mao Inoue (23) and will be written by Yoshikazu Okada ("Churasan").

Inoue's last appearance in an NHK drama was in 1999. This time, however, will be her first starring role on that network.

Set in the Nagano prefecture, "Ohisama" is said to be a biographical drama about a woman who lived through World War II, described as having a smile bright like the sun ("ohisama"). Inoue plays the woman, named Yoko Sudo, from the age of 16 before the war up to the age of 30 after the war. Producer Masayo Komatsu mentioned that the role will have Inoue becoming an elementary school teacher, then a soba shop owner, then a mother. Because the story starts during Yoko's student days, Inoue will once again be seen in a school uniform, even though she had declared last year that "Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu" would be her last time wearing one.

NHK plans to begin filming in October, though a small part will be shot at the end of this month, when the "soba flower" (a central piece of the story) is in bloom. The drama will be broadcast in the regular Asadora time slot (Monday-Saturday, 8:00-8:15am) from March 28 to September 24, for a total of 156 episodes.

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Mao Inoue's supporting cast in "Ohisama" revealed

A press conference was held on Monday to announce the main cast of NHK's upcoming Asadora series, "Ohisama." Set to air next year from March 28 to September 24, the show stars actress Mao Inoue (23) as a young woman named Yoko who lived through World War II. Details of the story were already revealed this past August.

Ayako Wakao (76) plays the part of Yoko as an old woman, who serves as the story's narrator as she reflects upon her younger days. Kanako Higuchi (51) has been tapped for the part of Yoko's mother-in-law. Other cast members include Tomoyo Harada (42), Yuki Saito (44), and Yasufumi Terawaki (48).

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Kengo Kora cast as Mao Inoue’s husband in “Ohisama”

Actor Kengo Kora (22) has been added to the cast of the next NHK morning drama “Ohisama” (March-September 2011). The show, which stars Mao Inoue (23), already had its supporting cast partly revealed at the start of this month, but Kora will be playing a significant role as Inoue’s husband.

As previously described, “Ohisama” stars Inoue as a cheerful woman named Yoko living during the time of World War II. She starts out as a teacher but later marries the successor of a well-established soba shop (played by Kora), leading her to become a soba chef. Kora’s character is planned to first appear in the show’s 8th week, around the middle of May.

This will be Kora’s first appearance in an NHK Asadora, and his first time acting with Inoue. Producers may be hoping for another success like the recent “Gegege no Nyoubou,” which has tremendously boosted the popularity of its stars Nao Matsushita (25) and Osamu Mukai (28).

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Kei Tanaka, Kento Nagayama, Nobuaki Kaneko revealed to be in Mao Inoue's "Ohisama"

A few more key cast members have been announced for NHK's upcoming morning drama series "Ohisama," which stars actress Mao Inoue (23). Although the inclusion of Kengo Kora (23) was already known last month, three more male characters were revealed for the first time: Kei Tanaka (26), Kento Nagayama (21), and Nobuaki Kaneko (29). None of the four men have appeared in an Asadora before, nor have they acted with Inoue before.

"Ohisama" stars Inoue as the cheerful Yoko, alive during the time of World War II. The show follows her life as she becomes a teacher, then later marries Kazuya, the son of a long-standing soba shop family (Kora).

Yoko's two older brothers Haruki and Shigeki will be played by Tanaka and Nagayama, respectively. Kaneko will play Koichi, a friend of Haruki who also becomes Yoko's first love.

"Ohisama" begins next year on March 28 and ends on September 24, airing Mondays through Saturdays at 8:00-8:15am for a total of 156 episodes.

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Inoue Mao holds press conference for upcoming NHK drama, “Ohisama”

Previously, we reported that Inoue Mao would star in NHK’s next morning drama, titled “Ohisama“, which will start next spring, and the cast members recently held a press conference at Matsumoto Castle (Nagano Prefecture) where they are currently on set shooting for the drama.

Mao confessed that the shoots on certain days were cancelled due to bad weather, but because of that, she had time to get along with other cast members, and now three of the girls, Mao, Mitsushima Hikari, and Maiko, have become good friends.

“Ohisama” is a story of heroine Sudo Yoko’s (Mao) life during the Showa era (before the war, during the war, after the war). It will have total of 156 episodes and will be broadcasted over the course of six months, from March 28th to September 24th.

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