Test your zanpakutou in battle!

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Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10
There was a previous topic about personal zanpakutou;
Now show me how it would do in battle, keep it real!
You face the following 4 in separate battles, each starting with full health as do you per fight.

A vice captain: Kira or Matsumoto

A captain: Kenpachi or Komamura

An Espada: Barragan or Zommari Leroux

Random person of your choosing: ???

My zanpakutou is called the BL3, which stands for blooming blender blade.
In shikai it has the power to shoot kudo.
In bankai it allows me to control gravity all together.

Matsumoto = instant kill after I ground her ash-cat with gravity. Toy with her in shikai state. LoL at fact I could make her clothes real heavy......

Kenpachi would be strong against my shikai form, too strong. Arrogance in kudo could get me killed.
In bankai state I would be amazed at him still slowly moving towards me while ripping his eye patch off at 700% gravity increase.

Zommari in his resurrection state was scary to my power, in the sence that he could take over my arms or something similar to prevent me from using my bankai. However, my kudo should be able to seal him before he uses it. This would be a very tough battle. His initial speed alone would send me into bankai, hence, I think I would win with a lot of damage taken from his sonido attacks.

There are some people I would never want to face, being Urahara, Aizen, Yamamoto or Mayuri.
I deem them the only characters in the show that would find a way around my bankai.
So my random person would be Gin, since he's my favorite character. Real tough stuff....

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