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Some time ago, I bought this single of Japan Itunes with the help of J-list... thank you purveyor of perversions! lol ANYWAY... who is she? What are the names of the songs in English? I tried Google Translator but I want some real input from someone who reads the language. ^.^

I am guessing Minami Kizuki because a bunch of other videos appear along the side with this one. And translator spits out Kansai Castle as the cd name...

Album Title: 城南海

Song 1: 誰 カノタメニ

Song 2: ワスレナグサ

Song 3: 光 - the translator says this is Light... which I think is correct, but Im iffy when it comes to Kanji.
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Your right about her name, she's Minami Kizuki.
That album title also says Minami Kizuki, probably that's not the actual title?

Song 1: Dareka no tame ni (For somebody)
Song 2: Wasurenagusa (I'm not sure how to translate this)
Song 3: Hikari (Light)

Edit: The single you have is called 誰カノタメニ/ワスレナグサ (Dareka no tame ni/Wasurenagusa). :DD
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As said above ^

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