Monlight Magic(my story)

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chapter 1

Kisa Mitsuki placed her school books into her school bag.A girl with sholder lengh green hair called Risa takada came walking up to kisa.
"Are you ready to go"giggled Risa with a huge smile on her face.
"yep lets go"anceried kisa.
To the left was a small group of three girls who are the most poupular girls in there year.One of the girls looked at kisa and Risa and wispeared something to her two friends.Who bursted out laughing.Kisa went straight over to the three girls.While Risa was hidding behind her.
"koun-san,Kiyomizu-san,Ishikawa-san what are you you talking about"wondered Kisa.Kiki kiyomizu wispeared something else to her friends.
"Hey Mitsuki-san,Takada-san why dont you just go home you have no right to talk to us the most poupular girls in year 7"laughed Ayaka Koun.Kisa walked of.
"Maybe you should tell negi-sensei"cried Risa.
"We cant bother other peole,we dont belong here"sighed Kisa.As they walked home many chearfull students passed.All the way home both risa and kisa were in silence.

They came up to a old forest.After about a minute they camt to a tree house.Latter that evening.
Kisa was sitting on a tree branch.Small black bat wings where on her back and she was reading a book.Risa came out of the tree house and sat down next to Kisa.
"I know we dont belong because of what we are,and that we live in a tree house in a forest"mummbled Risa.
"But why do we have to be treated differently,they dont even know about it"sighed Kisa closeing her book.A pair on wolf ears and a tail apperied on risa,"why did we have to be born as charm users.On Kisa's belt layed a bat charm.And in Risas hand was a charm of a wolf.The moon sparlked as a wolf howled.Kisa jumped up and flew into the hair.
"See ya,theres a shi around the bat cave"sighed kisa.
"Its the same for me,theres a shi in the mountains"Risa giggled jumped down from the tree branch.Note: shi is japanese for the word 'death'.

Ten minutes latter Kisa was at the bat caves.The sound of bats were flapping around inside the cave.Red eyes where hidding inside the shaddows.Taking a deep breath Kisa walked inside the dark cave.Kisa looked around to see if there was anyone was there.
"Becarefull"charted the bats.The sound of foot stepsgot louder and louder.A human looking creature came out of the shaddows but with blood red eyes.Kisa pulled the bat charm of her belt.
"Are you a charm user"wondered the person.
"Yes,whats it to you"monnaed kisa,"You shi"
"huh,oh you mean because im someone with the gift to make any human dead"Laughed the person walking out of the shaddows.The moonlight shone inside the cave to see a teenage boy with blonde hair.
"I will take the gem inside of you"sighed kisa.
"Oh realy,well how is a useless girl like you take the gem inside of me"The teenage boy laughed again.

An angrey look apperied on kisa's face.She hold the charm up to her heart and charted
"With the power of darkness,the power of magic,and with the skill of bats transform me now"
Black sparkled covered Kisa and when the sparkles dissapeared instead of black shorts and pink sweat lolita top and short black boots she had on a black gothic lolita dress and black and pink strips high thighs also a pair of small dark black bat wings..The mysterous boy grabed Kisa.
"Your kinda cute,now that i look at you"laughed the boy.Kisa steped on the mysterous boy's foot and steped back words,"Aw that hurt you good for nothing charm user"
"Dont call me a good for nothing charm user"Kisa said realy annoyed.She reached ou her hand and black sparkles apperied.Kisa placed her hand into the black sparkles and pulled out a scyth.
"Oh crap"cried the mysterous boy.Kisa swinged the scyth and the boy was covered in a black light and passed out.Above him was a singel blood red ruby.The ruby flew over to kisa and went into her bat charm.With a singel flash Kisa untransformed.Still with the bat wings on her back.

"Well done"sqicked one bat,"You did it again Kisa-chan"
"Thanks doom-kun"Smiled Kisa.Achualy when kisa smiles she looks very cute.Kisa zoomed over to the egde of the cliff and staired down at the tree house.With a small smile she jumped off.After two minutes down on the ground saw Risa running with a baby wolf.Kisa quickly flew down to Risa.
"Hiya Kisa-chan"smilled Risa,"So how did it go?"
"It went okay i surpose what about you"wondered Kisa"Whoes that?"
Risa picked up the baby cub.They came up to there tree house.
"This little girl is Takaki-chan"giggled Risa,"Her mother asked me to keap after her till tomorrow"
Risa quickly claimed up the robe ladder.And Kisa flew up.

writters notes:I will continew with the story tomorrow
In the picture below the one with black hair is Kisa and the one with grean hair is Risa and the cloths they are wearing are the ones they transform in but add wolfs ears/tail to risa and bat wings to kisa.
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chapter 2

Risa climed into her hand made wood bed strocking Takaki-chan.While Kisa was sitting on the tree branch(again)after a short while she fell alsleap.Kisa woke to the sound of the wolf cub.At the same time Risa climmed down one step of the robe ladder.Wearing her school uniform.The uniform is a red pleted skirt,white blouse and a red ribbon on the blouse.
"Sorry Kisa im going ahead my drama class is having a yearly practise"smiled Risa,"oh and dont worry im taking Takaki-chan back to the mountains see you."It took Risa 20 minutes to get to the mountains where all the wolves live.The wolve cub jumped out of Risa's hands and started zooming to where her mother is.Wolve ears and tail apperied on Risa started to zoom after her new friend.A grown up Wolve came out of a bush."Hello Takaki,thank you Risa for keaping after my little baby"howled the wolf with a friendly smile.

"Your welcome Wolve-san"smiled Risa,"well i must get a move on my schools drama class is having a practise"zooming of to her school.She opened the class room door.Inside was three girls and three other boys.Some wearing red just like her and some wearing blue and some wearing green it depends on there year.
"Hello Risa"said a boy with silver hair called Kouno who was holding a script for the play the drama class was performing at the school festial in a weeks time.Two of the girls were saying there lines.A girl holding a pink dress walked over to Risa.
"Heres your dress for the play"sighed Fujimoto with her pink hair in twin tails blowing in the gental wind comming through a open window. "Wow its wonderfull"risa giggled with a smile on her face.

Suddenly the school bell went of.And everyone went of to homeroom.When Risa got inside the class room she found Kisa sitting at the back reading a book.Risa slowly walked over to Kisa.On the way to her desk whats next to Kisa's,koun-san,Kiyomizu-san,Ishikawa-san got in Risas way."Why do you hang with Mitsuki-san"wondered Kiki kiyomizu wispearing in Risa's ear.
"Shes my best friend thats why"blushed Risa shyly walking of towords Kisa.
"Did you know people say shes not human,romours say she is one of them 'charm users'"giggled Ayaka
"What her?"moaned Kiki kiyomizu,"Haunted maybe but bot a charm user"
"I hered that Risa and Kisa always go to the woods after school"laughed Hayate Ishikawa with her short dark brown hair blowing in the gental wind comming through the opened windows.An man with spikey brown hair and blue eyes walked inside the class room holding lots of books."Feat of the your desks,boys"he sighed looking at three boys sitting in the middle of the class room.The sound of music drift accross the class room,"and turn the music off or your doing class room duty"

A girl with dark pink hair walked up to the front of the class room."The class rep Hideaki-san will talk about the festival"Negi-sensei explained.Hideaki-san started to talk about what the class is doing for the school festival."So are we doing a caf'e,any ideas?"asked Hideaki-kun.A boy at the back put his hand up.Kisa put her book away."Yes Hibiki-kun do you have any ideas?"
"Yes i do,how about Mitsuki-san and Takada-san they both work at the restaurant in Tokyo centre"Hibiki-kun smiled.A shocked face apperied on Risa and Kisa face."What how do you know?"wondered Kisa jumping out of her seat."I saw you working when i walked passed last week"anceried Hibiki looking down at his desk,"you achualy looked kinda....."before he could say anything else kisa had walked over to Hibiki-kun,and placed her hand other his mouth."Mitsuki-san can you please go back to your seat"sighed Hideaki-san.Kisa went back to her seat quitely."I think Hibiki-kuns idea is achualy realy good"Hiruko-kun agreed putting away his i-pod.Kisa was sitting with her arms crossed."Everyone who agrees with Hibiki-kuns idea rase your hand"smiled Hideaki-san.Seven of the 20 class mates put up there hand."sorry i cant im in the drama class and there doing a play"cried Risa."Oh okay then Kisa are you helping out?"asked Hideaki-san."No the astraniny club is doing fourtune telling,so i got to be there"anceried Kisa.The school bell went and the rest of there lessions took place.At lunch time."Kisa-chan do you want to eat on the rouff with me"wondered Risa holding her lunch.
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chaptor 3

On the school routh.Risa bite into her rise cake with a huge smile.Kisa was not eating anything instead she was reading.
"If you dont mind me asking,what is that book about?"wondered Risa looking at the book in Kisa's hand.Kisa closed the book.
"Its from the magical world,its about all the different charms and magic"anceried Kisa going back to her book.
"Does it say anything about charm users who have animal themes?"asked Risa realy intrested.Kisa played with a cross necklance around her neck,"yes here's the pages about it"Kisa smilled showing Risa the page.
"The reason the charm user has a animal themed charm is because of deep inside your heart,most of the animal charm users personalilty is similar to the animal"Risa reed from the first two lines of the page.

"Your personalitly is sort of like a wolve,but your kinda shy,on the other hand 'cool' and 'mysterous' does suit you"sighed Kisa.
"Yeah but im not good around humans"wispeared Risa making sure no one hered her.20 minutes later the school bell went off.And the two friends went back to the class room. After school.
Kisa snecked inside the old school building and into a class room.Inside where books about stars and supernatual creatures.Two boys and three girls where sitting down at the desks inside the room.
"Right were doing fourtune telling and Hoshi is playing the role as the fourune teller "smiled the leader of the club a girl with silver tied in a poney tail called mami,"and im at the entrance with katio-kun"

"And me and Kisa are Hoshi's assentints"smiled a boy called takuto putting his arm on Kisas shoulder.
"I have already chosen everyone outfits"giggled a girl called Amu.
"This year the festial is going to be great"a boy called Kenta coughed.Laying on the tables where geinie themed cloths,and asseries.
Before everyone knew it,it was the day before the school festival.All over the school classess and clubs where setting up stools.Risa and Kisa both went different ways.Risa went to the gym where the stage was set up for the next day.And Kisa went to a geine tent was and went inside to find Hoshi,katio,mami,Amu,kenta and takuto putting up decorations.Amu picket up the geine cloths and showed everyone them with a huge smile."I hope you all like them"beemed Amu.
"There wonderfull"smiled Hoshi looking at the cloths.All days classs where canceled and for everyone to get the ready for the start of the festival next day.Mean while the drama class was having a dress rehursel in the gym.

"Long ago there lived a King and Queen who said every day, "If only we had a child!" But for a long time they had none.One day, as the Queen was bathing in a spring and dreaming of a child, a frog crept out of the water and said to her, 'Your wish shall be fulfilled. Before a year has passed you shall bring a daughter into the world.'"started a girl called lolo.The next day came by realy quickly.People where just making finnishing toches to there stools.Every one in the drama class where getting change into there costume.And looking up at the clock waiting for it to say 10:30.The time where everyone comes into the gym five minutes before the play begins.Suddenly the sound of chearfull students where comming from the gym.Risa was pearing through the curtuins.
"Are you nerves?"wondered Lolo.Risa nooded.The lights went out.Lolo walked infront of the red curtuins.
"Long ago there lived a King and Queen who said every day, "If only we had a child!" But for a long time they had none."A boy was dressed as a kind and a girl was dressed as a queen.
One day, as the Queen was bathing in a spring and dreaming of a child, a frog crept out of the water and said to her, "Your wish shall be fulfilled. Before a year has passed you shall bring a daughter into the world." And since frogs are such magical creatures, it was no surprise that before a year had passed the Queen had a baby girl. The child was so beautiful and sweet that the King could not contain himself for joy. He prepared a great feast and invited all his friends, family and neighbours. He invited the fairies, too, in order that they might be kind and good to the child. There were thirteen of them in his kingdom, but as the King only had twelve golden plates for them to eat from, one of the fairies had to be left out. None of the guests was saddened by this as the thirteenth fairy was known to be cruel and spiteful." as lolo said it the members of the drama club acted out.

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