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Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/15/10

1. Who created Final Fantasy World RP?

The_Old_Grey presented this idea to bring about where anything can happen. Of course, although there were abilities that locked down what the members' characters could do, the adventures were classic, thrilling, and even unexpected. The_Old_Grey was like the director, producer, and a RPer in the set. Sadly, The_Old_Grey left the group.

2. What made you become the next "Creator" of Final Fantasy RP?

Actually, I, galbadiaprjt, was preoccupied with Samurai Champloo [UPG] RP, District of a New Dawn, Fairy Tail RP, and X-Soldiers that I didn't care about the ongoing events of Final Fantasy World RP. Tadase5 is the one who wanted to spark up Final Fantasy World RP once more. I'm not sure what he intended to do but suddenly, he felt that I should handle the board.

3. There is so many Final Fantasy groups in Crunchyroll. What makes Final Fantasy World RP different?

Final Fantasy World RP is hardly any different from the rest of the Final Fantasy related groups. We're open to discuss the latest news of Final Fantasy related materials. I guess, the only difference is that we're taking off from an original plotline while keeping classic names for places, events, items, and such.
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