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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

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34 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
I'm surprised it didn't do better at the box office given how many online gave it positive reviews.
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28 / M / NorCal
Posted 10/9/10 , edited 10/9/10
I wanted to go see it when it first came out, but my sisters thought it was too nerdy. I ended up watching it a couple of weeks later with some friends and I thought it was pretty awesome. I’m guessing it being video game ish was a turn off for some ppl so it didn’t do too well at the box office. Oh well their lost.
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22 / F / In Your Imagination
Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/13/11
I swear, that was the ONLY movie i've seen that actually made me laugh! I'm glad that they turned a comic book into a movie.
My dad thought it was the most ridiculous movie he'd seen.
Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/14/11
I worship that movie and the comics. It's just so funny and I love the special effects in the movie.
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M / UK
Posted 7/14/11 , edited 7/14/11
Still haven't seen this yet, been readig the comics for years though, Scott's based on me lmao, can't imagine Cera pulling off the badass moments but I'll give it a try.
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Posted 7/16/11 , edited 7/16/11
characters were so-so

lines were cheesy



all in all .

Posted 7/23/11 , edited 7/23/11
I'll give it a solid 7/10.

The video game references put a smile on my face, but the film really didn't make me laugh.

When it became clear that the protagonist had to fight 5 individuals, I knew somehow a tone of fight scenes would overwhelm the movie. It wasn't a film to take too seriously anyway. I enjoyed the fight scenes but later I grew tired of them, almost coming off as obnoxious.

Scott Pilgrim certainly had an interesting premise.

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