What is your favourite Bleach arc?

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Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/16/10
Hiiiii! Okay, because i'm not a computer, i don't know which arc numbers mean which arc, so can you just put like a short description of your favourite arc, and then i will know! Kay? ^^ For example, even though there are soooo many, I still think the Soul Society arc is my favourite. Ya know, when they first enter the forbidden Seireitei?? Brrrr. I thought
it was amazing because they had no idea what was in store for them. You knew the deadly captains were lying in wait
somewhere, but you didn't know when they'd just pop out at them LOL! Don't ask, i just thought that arc was pure win.
And even though now their are deadly espada and things... I still think taichous/fukutaichous powers are more awesome.....Even though Ulquiorra and Grimmjow were awesome sauce. I congratulate you if you read this far into my blatant drivvle. Here have a cookie! 8D ONE MORE THING!!! For anyone who is going to comment just to say "This thread is pointless", because a lot of people do it! Then just kinda don't please. Because if you do, then you would have done a time wasting pointless thing by commenting to say the thread is pointless.... So.... There's really not much logic in it that's all. And if you still comment...Nobody is going to care. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! SORRY THIS WAS SO LONG!! XD
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Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/16/10
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