I dinf the principal very suspicious

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Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/17/10
It's just that it's almost like he knows everything....
Even for a principal it feels a bit weird
He's super nice, and gets things easily like when they made the fan cake with the birds on it....

I find him suspicious, very suspicious
I bet he has a sweet spirit too, obviously but still.....

Don't you agree with me?

I never thought about it much at first, and then I did a re watch over the episodes.
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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/17/10
Yes I agree... he is really kind of weird... I mean, what's up with him knowing EVERYTHING?!?!?!?
Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/20/10
I strongly agree with your words. Maybe he was the like the great-great grandson of the creator of the school? Or maybe his life was just like Kashino, Andoh, Hanabusa, Ichigo, Mari, Rumi, or maybe it was like Ichigo's granny when he was young? Gah, who knows. Maybe he was created just because he was suppose to, and you aren't suppose to be suspicious. But what you just said really made me feel curious.
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