The Battlefield

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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/17/10
Ready for the fight? Well here's the battlefield. Battles in here are still being observed. If you notice any way we can improve the system feel free to suggest it in the suggestions topic.

~Battle is turn-based
~No interfering in battles
~Don't quote the opponent
~If your opponent is absent for several days, you can: a) wait for them to return or b) ask to win by default
~To battle in the battlefield, you must challenge an opponent in the Plaza
~When battling an opponent, it is up to both fighters to keep tabs on the opponent's HP
~People from the same team are allowed to team up to battle, but the prize points are split among them (max 4 per fight)

you cant fight till i say so i will give info to you when you post it

fill out these

pet name:
pic of pet:
Battle Card:(in spoiler please)
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