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What Extreme Men are Good For?

Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/20/10

farmbird wrote:

In both the red & blue portions I hi-lited above, I gotta ask, when studies on gender behaviors are done, how often do such studies give comparisons to diverse cultures? It seems to me differing cultural societies as well as differences in societies thru out history could show same behavioral tendencies for both genders depending on changes in the roles & expectations w / in the given culture. I've gotten the impression studies where role playing gives insight into bullying or in measuring assumed authority, even on the influences of a majority rule, patterns do often show a differentiation between genders. However, wouldn't the potential for both genders to behave the same as their opposite also be noted? ( I pose questions in order to learn, so don't blast my words, answer my questions, & educate me, please.)

Any one, male or female, treated as an inferior could potentially act out by telling lies, being superstitious, judgmental, deceitful, malicious, & any other paranoid behaviors. Seems to me, we are all victims as well as perpetrators of cultural stigma, & we are all true to human nature in all its forms, to one degree or another. Feminism or male chauvinism are merely back & forth efforts to take control, but neither are a true effort to gain equality for all. I'll wager equality won't be a reality until all acknowledge their own weaknesses & hurts to others, then make efforts to use their strengths to benefit all, & not only themselves (selfishly).
We, female or male, can & will trip up & reveal our stupidity, as well as step up & show true intelligence. Neither of us have complete dominance or control over either of them.
That would be the fairest way to implement social equality using the legal system, IMHO. As you can see in my latest criticisms on male behaviors and the Brazilian legislation.
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