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Baseball Anime - Best Pitcher & Character

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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/18/10
I think sports animes are one of the best genres in anime but i do feel Baseball animes are highly underrated. Baseball is one of the better sports for an anime, made evident by the large ammounts of Baseball animes/mangas.

I have selected the main pitchers from in my opinion the best Baseball Animes to date and i'd like your opinion & views on who is not only the best pitcher but also the best character out of them.

Toua Tokuchi - One Outs

Kou Kitamura - Cross Game

Ren Misashi - Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!)

Goro Shigeno - Major

I personally like Goro Shigeno from the hugely underrated Major series, mostly because he has a great cocky attitude, he's a baseball genius and i've seen him grow up so much throughout each season.

Also i'd like your overall opinions on Sports & Baseball anime/manga, do you like it or dislike it??
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Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/28/10
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/28/10
of the listed, i am more of a fan of Major. so Goro
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Posted 8/29/10 , edited 8/29/10
the one in one outs...
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