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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/18/10
what do you think about yourself? Can you change yourself?
Are you happy just being who you are now? Yes or NO and why?
Who are you?
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Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
I am not sure what i think about myself cause my opinion of myself changes a lot depending on the type of mood I'm in. I can change myself but I really don't want to and I've tried a little bit and don't like it. Right now besides some things that bother me I am happy being who I am right now. I'm happy because even though I'm not sure if the way I act right now is what I'm really like, I like the way I act right now so until I find out if this is what I'm really like then it's all good! That was kinda confusing the last part but I'm not sure how to re-word it better.
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