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Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/26/10
Okay so you don't have to be SO specific but i want you to create that character. not just "her name is.....she is a...."
Make up anything!
But you have to Include:
Type (Ruler,Helper, etc):
Pic: (if she/he is really specific you can just write "Appearance and describe He/She)
Payment: You must invite your buddies
But go crazy and include stuff like:

I'll start:
Name: Aiko
Nickname: Ai-sama
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: September 14th
Race: Angel
Kingdom: The Center of Underworld
Type: Royal Family
Personality: Kind-Hearted and Confident. Willing to help anyone.
Appearance: Wears Long Brown hair Loose, with a headband of golden feathers. Wears a pure white strapless dress that flows around waist with silver embroidery. Long majestic wings sprout from behind.
Special Weapons: a Staff made from pure wind that can knock out the opponent.
Skills: Sewing, Fighting, Healing, and Singing (that can heal the soul)
Bio: When Aiko was young her parents were stolen from the Shadow, the demons of Underworld. Many people had been disappearing at the time, and Aiko was left as an Orphan on the streets. When she turned six she was accepted to school. As she grew older, Pixies and Fairies told her that she would never fulfill her dreams. But when she turned 10 wings sprouted from her back. All the Pixies were astounded, as for Angels were rare. But the Fairies taunted her by making fun of the bulkiness of the wings. When she was 13 The Queen and King adopted her and she became the Princess of Air.
Pet: When she was 12 a Squirrel from Above made it’s way to Underworld. Aiko took him in and named him Nano.
Goal: To make a way to Above (Earth), save her parents, and bring peace between the two worlds.

Now.. Ready to RolePLay?

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