[VID+TRANS] Blackie visits Timeout Gelato

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Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
In late July, Blackie’s facebook update showed he had visited Timeout Gelato..


credit: sugoishowV

In this episode of I Love Blackie, Blackie is taking Hey Girls to visit shops opened by famous Korean celebrities. Their first stop, is Timeout Gelato.
Hey Girls gushes about Timeout being cute.
Blackie asks them “Are you familiar with DBSK?”
Hey Girls answers that they were.
Blackie continues saying: “This shop, I heard it was opened by one of the member’s mom.”
Some of the girls questions “Really??”
The girl on the far left answers “Yes, its Yoochun.”
So Blackie asks if she knows DBSK and likes them. She answers saying “I like them a lot, I like their leader the most.”
Blackie then says “Even though the shop is opened by Yoochun’s mom, DBSK sometimes visits as well. And there are a lot of collection items here.”

In the shop, Blackie talks to a group of girls from Japan.
Blackie and the girls all order different flavors and gushes at how amazing they were.
Blackie says “DBSK is very very famous all over Asia (you can see the fangirls spazz when he said DBSK), especially in Japan.”
Blackie says he feels embarrassed being there. The girls points and laughs saying “you are the only guy here.” Blackie says “Guys can come here too, DBSK is very handsome right?” And all the girls agree.
During this visit, Blackie talks to some of the fans, asked them how to say DBSK in Japanese, and also teaches them how it was said in Chinese. Since the fans were actively trying to learn, Blackie proceeds teaching them “I love Blackie” and “Blackie is handsome”
One of the girls says “Everyone that buys ice cream can get a page of stickers, to keep as souvenirs.”

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