Favorite Type Of Music?

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Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
Sometimes people say things like if you listen to metal or screamo that you are emo or goth. What type of music do you like the best? Why do you like that type of music and do you think it has something to do with the way you feel inside?
Posted 9/1/10 , edited 9/1/10
MUSIC.... MUSIC ...MUSIC...... i love all kinds n types even loud painfully loud music ... cause to me is a form of expression ..n i would prefer people to express themselves verbally than being destructive n annoying .. music if done right can carry people into war n bring people into life... so music is a gift we all have inside everyone of us...but we need to not be afraid of singing out loud n proud of the massage you want to let others know... music was an is a from of communication .an if you solely choose to only communicate with one type format, than you will never reach all the people in the world.. so my advice is to sing loud be proud of every note you sing, be joyful n love every ones massage even if its not your own... cause remember you don't want to be silenced, so don't silence others .. after all music comes form your hart....
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Posted 3/25/13 , edited 3/25/13
Yes, that is true. Music is a form of living and sing your own lyrics that come from your heart. a voice that no one cant hear, but sing so we can hear that beautiful melody coming from your heart.
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