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God-modding and RPing, what is it?
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Posted 3/4/11 , edited 3/4/11

"I can form my zanpakutou's blade into any shape." It is a spirit particle weapon. My zanpakutou property is Spirit Particle Manipulation. It is no different from Renji's who's zp stretches and extends. Or Byakuya's whos zp splits into a thousand pieces. I can form my zanpakutou into any shape. How is that godly? What? I'm going to change the blade shape into the figure of Chuck Norris? lmao

You said blade's shape not "reiatsu forming"
I don't think I can say anything much more here

Correct I said blade's shape. Any other questions? If you want, you can call it "reiatsu forming" or whatever....same shit.

Let me break it down to you in the most simplest way possibly. Avoiding- Means he got out of harms way, he avoided the attack. We do not know how but he did. You said he dodged it before he fired. So people can simply say...."He avoided the White Lightening by dodging it before it fired." OR if we wanna put it even simpler, "He avoided the White Lightening before it fired." Is this clear enough? I really really reaaallly hope so...for your sake. >.>

Your now straying off from the original subject.. "speed of light".
My control of spirit particles is limited to the point that I cannot control the spirit particles in a fast moving attack coming at me, like a White Lightning.

No No No my friend, YOU strayed off-topic by going into all this "before it fired" and "avoided" stuff. I just simply said that my ability cannot stop a fast moving attack like White Lightening. White Lightening does not move at the speed of light. You assumed that "fast moving" = "speed of light" in the first place. Remember???? Don't make me quote on the next reply because I will lol.

It was different. I did not say Toyoki was invulnerable to anything else. I just said clearly he was vulnerable to people with similiar abilities.
Is it really that difficult to understand dude? lol I apologize for the insult but it that hard to understand man? lol
"Difficulty to understand"
I should be the one asking you..
You first noted that your ZP has drawbacks henceforth it wasn't godly.
The drawback was only about similar abilities.
Now do you see what I'm saying..?
You basically named no drawback, no different from the "godly" thing.

You are a confusing fellow. You were pointing out the fact that by me saying that "I am vulnerable to others with similar abilities" is the same thing as saying "I am invulnerable to everyone else except people with similar abilities". I am saying that it is not the same thing. If people so desire, I can clear this point up by putting in that "Oh but this doesn't mean that I am invulnerable to everything else" in my drawbacks after stating that "I am vulnerable to others with similar abilities". Sounds pretty ridiculous, to me this way. Sounds like my evaluation is directed towards a young kid rather than mature RPers.

Forced does imply that it took effort to. So maybe that was just another bad wording on my part. Maybe I should've used "I struggled as I called out my Bankai with barely any strength left, using my Bankai, I was able to defeat the Grims Reaper." Is that better now? I personally think it's a mouthful when I can simply use "forced".

Another note: I think it's funny you're complaining about me insulting you when you started all of this. Karma at it's best. You asked for it, now you gotta deal with it.

This is no longer a debate almost as you want it to turn solely into an argument / fight.

The part about Karma made no sense as I was simply stating the truth in which nobody dared to.
So far I have proven some of my points.
The part about you saying you don't know Central or Me was proven slightly.
You joined at 2008 / a month after I created the group.
Dee joined at 2009.
I can provide video/pic anything you want to prove this.

I tried my best not to word things

It was never a debate in the first place. If it was a debate, my are the only one who saw it as one. I saw it as somebody, a complete stranger coming in and telling me that I am god-modding and that I am not doing my job correctly. I never said I did not know Central 46 Chambers....I said when Arashikaze074 was in charge of the group she asked if Central 46 and TNG13 wanted to be affiliates....and I agreed happily. I may have joined the group....however, I never did ANYTHING in that group and I never interacted with you. Thus, my point was that I never knew who the hell YOU are. Show me a video/pic of me interacting with YOU in some way....until then....I never known or interacted with you until today.

My last comment unless replied again
"If you guys EVER feel like I am being unfair or god-modding, you are free to leave the group. No questions asked."
You said you accepted criticism ETC but now your just telling them to leave if they don't agree with you.

Well I won't answer this...I'll let my group members answer this, if they ever read this thread. However, I will say this VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY CLEARLY AND ONLY ONE MORE TIME:

"If you guys EVER feel like I am being unfair or god-modding, you are free to leave the group. No questions asked."

That is a direct quote from my group wall posted approximately 2 hours ago.

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Posted 3/4/11 , edited 3/5/11
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