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GIMP Tutorials


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Image Filled Text

What we're making is this:

Click screenshots to make them bigger
Step 1:Make a new image filled with the Foreground color I used 420x300

Step 2: Use the text tool and type out what you want. Thick fonts work best. I used Reboard, size 150 and center justified

Step 3:Choose the select by color tool and click on the text

Step 5: Delete the text layer in the dialoge box. It will look like this

Step 6: Open the image that you want to fill your text with (It works best if the image is about the size of your text image)
Step 7: From the image go to Edit>Copy. DO NOT CLOSE IT YET.
Step 8:Go to your text and go to Edit> Paste into (Not paste, paste INTO. It won't work if you just paste) Now you can close your image.

Step 9: Move the image around if you want
Step 10: Add extras if you want. I Droped a shadow. To drop a shadow go to Filters> Light and shadow > Drop Shadow. For my shadow I made my offsets both 2, Blur raidius 10, color F9AA3B, Opacity 80. Then anchor the layer by going to Layer>Anchor layer. After you anchor it you won't be able to edit it. Then go to Select> none. I also rendered it.
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Selective colorization for gimp

Ok, so what wer're doing is making a picture go from this

to this

Click on screenshots to make them bigger
Step 1: Open your picture

Step 2: Copy it by pressing ctrl+D. It should end up looking like this

Step 3: Make the copy black and white, but make sure that when you're done to CONVERT IT BACK TO AN RGB. To make it black and white, I prefer going to Colors>Colorize and desaturating it completely, but it's tottally up to you.

Step 4: Select all (ctrl+A) Copy it (Ctrl+C). DO NOT CLOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to the original nd add new, TRANPARENT layer. Then, paste the copy on the original. (Ctrl+V) It Should look like this:

Step 5: Close the copy and anchor the pasted layer down.

Step 6: Create a WHITE layer mask

It Should look like this:

Step 7: Select the brush tool and go over the parts you want to be in color. If you make a mistake select the eraser tool and erase it.

Step 8: Add effects if you want to and save it

Ta-Da!!!! Now you're done!!!

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Step 1: Make a new Transparent image. Mine was 600x400

Step 2: Take the brush tool and scribble.

Step 3:Pick the color select tool

Step 4:Click on your scribble and delete it

Step 5:Open up your picture and go to select>all then Edit>copy

Step 6: MINIMIZE your picture and go to Edit> Paste INTO

Step 7: Move the picture around so you like it and add extras

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