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Posted 8/20/10 , edited 9/2/10

The Beginning

The beginning is well the beginning of the RP , this is the longest Rp forum out of the three.Here we see Kakushi, Mionette, and Fuuun are students at Element School of Fighting. Taking classes for there respective elements (Fire,Water,Wind,Earth,Thunder,Light and Dark) but then the domes first enemy, Destruct attacks.During the time we fought Destruct they killed the king at the time , and Yatora his daughter was elected as new queen , Kakushi,Mionette and Fuun went to a bad future, new characters Blade Touya, and Haseo are introduced and the the dome gets destroyed.But in the end we destroy destruct and rebuild the dome. So things are peaceful until our next enemy comes out they were called terror we figth them for the rest of the RP , and our last mission was to destroy them but we failed the mission.Just like that the first RP finishes.

One Year Later...

One year Later is when the group moved the RP one year later hence the name. So in the year that wentt by we had destroyed Terror.As one year went by everyone got stronger , and mostly eevrything changed also this was the introduction to new elements like metal,sound,poison,mind,illusion,and time.It is also the introdcution to the reapers society which are nether good or bad. (to be continued...)

5 Months Later...

Coming Soon...

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