X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/21/10
I recently watched this movie and I gotta say that I'm really disappointed. You could say that this movie is totally messed up and yes it is. I expected this movie to be better because I'm a big fan of Wolverine.

Here are the things I really don't like in this movie:

Wolverine and Sabretooth as brothers: Since when they are brothers? I understand they are alike and feral and all. But seriously did they really have to show them as brothers?

The portrayal of Sabretooth: When I watched the first X-Men movie, Sabretooth was shown as unintelligent and doesn't talk but here in this movie he talks and seems intelligent. Is this a continuity or what? Or is it the evolution of the character going from human to caveman?

The portrayal of Wolverine: I liked Hugh Jackman who played as Wolverine in the previous X-Men trilogy and in this movie. There is one thing that bothers me though. What is the real reason for Wolverine to undergo such a dangerous experiment? In the first X-Men movie, Logan was having a dream that he was being experimented and later he escaped and was shocked to see that the adamantium came out from his knuckles. But in this movie, Logan chose to participate in the Weapon X program to avenge Silver Fox's death. Again, continuity error.

Cyclops: Seriously Cyclops in this movie? He is not supposed to appear in this movie. Yeah sure, they would have shown a Cyclops origin movie but seriously in Wolverine. C'mon.

Gambit: Another unnecessary mutant character. You know, Gambit would have appeared in the X-Men trilogy or they could make a fourth X-Men movie that shows Gambit. But in this movie? Just because he is not shown in the X-Men trilogy doesn't mean he has to appear in this movie. X-Men 4 anyone?

Blob: Blob was part of Team X? Jeez, for goodness sake. Blob is only part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. They would have shown him in the first X-Men movie or second or third for that matter.

The portayal of Deadpool: Oh my goodness. What have they done to this character? Where is the ugly face? Where is the mask? Ok. maybe at this time before the Weapon X program came to play, Deadpool wasn't disfigured. That would make sense. He was a human mercenary hired to kill. And then near the end, Deadpool was turned into a multiple-power mutant machine? What the heck?

The portrayal of Silverfox: Silverfox a mutant? She was not a mutant in the comics and animated series. Her sister is Emma Frost? Wow.

Emma Frost: Ugh, seriously where they get this actress to play Emma? She's supposed to be beautiful. Plus, does she really have to play part in this movie?

David North a.k.a. Agent Zero: In the comics, David North was also known as Marverick and he is a mutant. But in this movie, he's not a mutant? Why? It's like the opposite. Silver fox is a mutant in this movie and she is not in the comics, and David is a human in this movie and in the comics he is. Ugh. Maybe at this time, David's power wasn't activated yet but unfortunately he was killed in the helicopter crash.

What else are all errors are there in this movie? I really don't want to mention how Logan lost his memory. You all seen the movie. Seriously that was stupid. He's supposed to have some memory implants that jogs his memory. And Xavier arrives and takes all the captured mutants to safety. Wow, they really have to show Xavier in this part while Logan wanders off with amnesia. I may not be looking forward to the second movie but I hope it turns out better than the first. This movie is the worst. The best there isn't.
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Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/21/10
I wasn't disappointed by this, mostly because I didn't not expect much from it. I was expecting an action flick based on Wolverine. You take this too seriously. It was a movie made to make money. These movies will never be able to match the story from the comics, much less the cartoons.

Also on the note about why Logan would participate in the experiment: He lost his memory after getting shot in the head at the end so he won't remember that he volunteered, but does regain the memory of being experimented on and escaping.

I don't find a problem showing either Cyclops nor Gambit.

You are completely correct with it comes to Deadpool. They changed a great character into this stupid monster.

But anyway, it is a movie, and movies rarely are like books, comic, etc.
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I was upset of how Deadpool was portrayed in the movie as well. He's like my favorite character.

Also, the special effects were crap. It's like they didn't even try to make it look real, and you could actually tell that they were in front of a green screen, for a Marvel movie I was pretty disappointed.
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Never saw it. Didn't want to because I knew it'll suck.
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Posted 9/7/10 , edited 9/7/10
stupid, im upset over gambits character
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Yes I didn't like and actually ended up watching it two times cause I forgot that I had already watch it
I suppresed the memory
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Posted 9/13/10 , edited 9/13/10
They butchered Gambit... but I thought the movie was pretty cool. Action wise and all. But as a fan of the comic books, theres so many things that are just wrong, but you learn not to question... You know?
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Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/17/10
I've seen this movie twice and as an action film I thought it was entertaining. The flow of the story was paced nicely mixed in with various action sequences. You just have to shut off your mind from the comics when you're watching this because it is too easy to compare and see all the things they did wrong. If you overlook those things it becomes a better movie.
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