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Posted 8/21/10 , edited 8/21/10
If you have registered to be a person in our group The Big CR Family then you are welcome to Roleplay here!

You may use your nickname for your CR Family Character!

I you have not registered yet please go to this link to register---->

Dont be shy to ask me any questions, I will answer them quickly as I can so dont be scared to ask!

1. Be kind to other members that are roleplaying
2. No swearing in RolePlay Room!
3. If you want to make a room for your friends only can go to ask me and tell me what you want your room to be called!
4. No spamming others!

Please add a picture on the comments like this:

Username: Mikeirachan
Age: 11
Have you read the rules?: yes
Gender: Girl

ID Picture:

Once you have signed up for the "The Big CR Family" or have already signed up I will give you a ID Card!

Please enjoy our roleplay! Go to this link to go to the Roleplay room----->
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Posted 8/26/10 , edited 8/27/10
Username: LiveandForget
Age: 16
Have you read the rules?: yes
Gender: male

ID picture:
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