Smallville Season 10
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I'm excited to see the final season of Smallville. Now we have tons of DC Comics characters showing up. That kinda bothers me. Tons of characters? Maybe, they should keep to a limit. Or this would have not been the final season. Anyways, I hope they can pull it off by showing these characters. But there is a reason why they should appear in Season 10. You can't just throw random characters for no reason. It's too much. Also, I wanted to see the recurring characters who may be coming back. Hopefully. Micheal Rosenbaum, please come back.

Upcoming characters

Darkseid- I was wondering when this character will show up in Season 10. How many episodes will he appear in? How will he look like though? Will he be the human incarnation of Darkseid or the regular Darkseid in the comics? Hey, they pulled off Doomsday's look. I'm sure they can make Darkseid the way he is in the comics. In the series finale, I'm also excited to see the battle between Clark and Darkseid. How will it turn out? Hopefully not Doomsday battle. That was lame and short. But I liked the battle between Zod and Clark though.

Granny Goodness- When I saw the Season 9 finale, I was wondering who this creepy lady was. Then I realized that she's actually Granny Goodness and it makes sense for her appearance because Amanda Waller mentioned about Apokolips and plus she works for Darkseid and was responsible for sending the parademons to attack Green Arrow.

Parademons- No, the parademons won't look like this. They will look totally different from their comic book counterparts. Like disfigured demons.

Blue Beetle- I saw this screen test video of this show and I find it amazing. He's most likey to appear in Smallville. This will be his first debut appearance before he stars in his own spin-off show. Hopefully, this will be next DC comics TV show after Smallville ends.

Booster Gold- As you know Booster Gold is actually a time traveller from the 25th century. He came back in time because he wanted to become a hero fighting along side with other heroes. Plus his life was ruined in the future. This is a good reason why he should appear in the show and the present. Actually, he stole Rick Hunter's time machine to come back. I'm not sure if Rick Hunter will appear as well. But I heard that Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will appear together in one episode sometime.

Suicide Squad- When I heard this news, I'm excited to see Deadshot. But will we see all these 8 members in Smallville? That's kinda too much, don't you think? Anyway, we'll see how it turns out. Also, these guys are recruited by Amanda Waller since she is part of Checkmate.

Isis- I'm not sure if this is true. But I heard the news in kryptonsite about an episode called Isis, which means she might appear in this episode. As you know, Isis is the wife of Black Adam. Will Black Adam appear as well? Hmmmm.

Hawkgirl- Hawkgirl may not have appeared in Absolute Justice but this time she will appear alongside with Hawkman. But where was Hawkgirl all this time? At first I thought she was dead. But you could say she might have been reincarnated in another woman's body. Well, we'll see.

What else other new characters out there will appear in Smallville?

Recurring characters

Lex Luthor- Boy, I really wanted to see Lex come back. When will he appear in Season 10? Where is he all this time? No, not the truck he was in, who saw the Doomsday events and spying on Clark and Lana. That was his clone. Hopefully he comes back. We all know that he is not dead. Dr. Fate have seen his vision that he is still alive.

Lana Lang- I hate to say this but Lana Lang is out of the story. I liked Kristen Kreuk played as Lana Lang in the previous seven seasons. But her character was ruined after the episode, Power in the eight season. Seriously, turning her into a superhero was a bad idea. I mean she can fight and all but giving her power suit was way too much. I understand why she wanted that power so that she can beat Lex up for what he did to her and everyone close to her. I'm not even sure if she will appear in Season 10. We'll find out and see.

Zod- I liked this incarnation of Zod. He was an okay character. Unlike the original Zod who was trapped in the Phantom Zone, this Zod is patient and clever and takes time to conquer Earth. He doesn't just step right in and do it soon. Since he is a clone, I always wonder if the original Zod would inhabit his clone's body. So that would make him a complete Zod character. Since Zod's clone was taken to a distant planet, I doubt he would come back in Season 10 unless he and the other Kandorians are captured by the parademons or they can be controlled by Darkseid's Anti-Life equation. Since Darkseid plans to conquer the entire universe besides Earth.

Brainiac- This character will appear in the 200th episode. Yes, 200th. He will return as Brainiac 5 who was altered by Legion of Superheroes to become good. Now, I'm not sure how this will turn out. We'll see how Brainiac 5 or Braniac somewhere inside him plays out.

Kara- Kara will return in the episode called Supergirl. So this will be her final appearance. Now the title suggests that she might wear the costume. I'm not really sure about this but I think this is a good direction for Kara to take on the mantle.

Chloe Sullivan- It's sad to hear Allison Mack won't be playing as the regular character in Smallville. But the good thing is that she will appear in some episodes including the premiere. We saw the trailer that she is holding the helmet of Dr. Fate. Will she become the next Dr. Fate? I highly doubt this will happen but we'll see what will happen to her and how Green Arrow will react to it.

Characters may not appear in Smallville

Bruce Wayne- I would love to see young Bruce Wayne at some point this season. But I highly doubt he will appear since he's in Gotham City. Given the thought that Booster Gold also came from Gotham City in the far future. Maybe Bruce will appear in at least one episode. Who knows?

Diana- Man, I wanted to see Diana in Smallville. They can show young Diana in Paradise Island. This would make a good episode though. In the episode, Paradise, Clark and Oliver are off flying somewhere in one of Oliver's jet and suddenly crash lands on Paradise Island where it's dominated by women and there they meet young Diana.

So, what are your thoughts about this final season? Which recurring characters would you like to see to come back? Which new characters would you want to see in this season?
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I thought it was canceled too. I haven't seen an episode since season 3 when I thought the series was getting ridiculous and I'm sorry to see it's gotten worse.
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I thought Smallville was canceled already. Finally it's going to be gone lol
And I don't plan to watch that
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Hey Guys,
I love Smallville and the theme
song "Save Me" by Remy Zero,
so I just found out that the band
has a new song called "Till The End"-first new song
after 9 years of being broken up,
I'm super excited to hear it ! Just thought
I'd share the news with everyone!
Check it out!! (:
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