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[Kpop] Co.ed
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Posted 8/24/10 , edited 10/26/10

Their 3D debut music video will be premiered on the 27th at MegaBox.

Co.Ed School (or 남녀공학 - Nam Nyeo Gong Hak), is a 10-membered group from South Korea under Core Contents Media. They’re composed of 6 boys and 4 girls, with former Seeya member Lee Soomi (Smile Soomi) as the leader. They made their official debut stage on September 30, 2010 on M! Countdown with their debut title track ‘Too Late’ which was released on the same date (including a part 1, 2 and a remix) in addition to their 7-minute 3D Music Video which was premiered at Samsung Megabox last September 27, 2010


Miso Soomi (Smile Soomi)
[ Soundless laughter ]

Real Name: Lee Soomi
DOB: March 3, 1989
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Education: Korean Aviation College, Aircraft Cabin Service Management (Graduate)
Hobbies: Shopping, Watching Movies, Collecting shoes
Specialty: Designing clothes
Oct. 26, 2009 - Seeya - Rebloom (EP)
Jan. 1, 2010 - Seeya, T-Ara, Davichi - Wonder Women (Digital Single)
Additional Info:
Member of Seeya from October ‘09 to July ‘10

Akdong Kwanghaeng (Rascal Kwanghaeng)
[ Rascal/Playful ]

Real Name: Lee Kwanghaeng
DOB: January 20, 1990
Height: 186cm
Weight: 70kg
Education: Baekseok Arts University (Leave of Absence)
Hobbies: Watching movies, Acting imitations, Sports/Exercise, Reading
Specialty: English, Basketball
Additional Info:
Appeared in ‘Coffee House’ Episode 14 and 15

Chunji Yoosung (Sky Earth Yoosung)
[Voice across the sky and earth]

Real Name: Kim Jungwoo
DOB: May 9, 1990
Height: 181cm
Weight: 62kg
Education: Bucheon University, Advertisement Design (dropped out/left)
Hobbies: Exercise/Sports, Playing the guitar, Playing games, Shopping, Watching TV
Specialty: Soccer, Chess, Biking, Push-ups

Jihye Taewoon (Sage Taewoon)
[The action of the mind/heart on choosing what’s right or wrong ]

Real Name: Woo Taewoon
DOB: May 11, 1990
Height: 184cm
Weight: 68kg
Education: Tokyo Polytechnic University (Leave of Absence)
Hobbies: Composing songs, Playing Basketball, Watching movies
Specialty: Painting/drawing, Japanese, Writing lyrics

Yeolhyeol Kangho (Hot Blood Kangho)
[Has an intense passion, a passionate spirit, superior skills and a strong person]

Real Name: Park Yongsu
DOB: December 14, 1991
Height: 182cm
Weight: 67kg
Education: Hyundai High School (Graduate)
Hobbies: Watching movies, Travelling, Exercise/sports
Specialty: Golf, Acting

Byeolbit Chanmi (Starlight Chanmi)
[Beautiful person like a star light ]

Real Name: Heo Chanmi
DOB: April 6, 1992
Height: 162cm
Weight: 44kg
Education: Anyang High School of Arts, Department of Theater and Film
Hobbies: Playing the piano, Shopping, Watching movies
Specialty: Playing the drums, Chinese
Additional Info:
SM Trainee from 2004-2009. Was rumored to be in Girls’ Generation and f(x) before.

Ga-on Noori (Balance Noori)
[Be the center of everything in this world]

Real Name: Kang Inoh
DOB: March 3, 1993
Height: 184cm
Weight: 70kg
Education: Lila Art High School
Hobbies: Listening to music, Watching movies,Playing Omok/Gomoku
Specialty: Boxing, Basketball, Soccer, Computer

Hanbit Hyoyoung (One Light Hyoyoung)
[Leads this world’s bright light]

Real Name: Ryu Hyoyoung
DOB: April 22, 1993
Height: 167cm
Weight: 52kg
Education: Gwangju Soongil High School
Hobbies: Shopping, Reading
Specialty: Cooking
Awards: 2010 89th Miss Chunhyang Competition - ‘Jin’
Additional Info:
Casted for ‘Jungle Fish 2’ as Jung Yumi
Twin sister of T-Ara’s new Member, Ryu Hwayoung
Appeared in ‘Starking’, Episode 166 (July 16, 2010)

Hanbyul Hyewon (One Star Hyewon)
[Just like one big star ]

Real Name: Jin Hyewon
DOB: March 6, 1995
Height: 167cm
Weight: 46kg
Education: Jungheung Middle School
Hobbies: Window shopping, Making cookies
Specialty: Jazz dance
Additional Info:
Model for Gujejoa (Online Shop)
Known as ‘Little Goo Hara’

Alchan Sungmin (Solid Sungmin)
[To be a solid person/all around person]

Real Name: Choi Sungmin
DOB: December 17, 1995
Height: 172cm
Weight: 49kg
Education: Unnam Middle School
Hobbies: Playing the drums, Listening to music
Specialty: Popping
Additional Info:
Appeared in ‘Starking’, Episode 180 (September 11, 2010)
Last member to join the group


Mini-Album: Too Late
Released: 2010.09.30

Mini-Album: Bbiribbom Bberibbom (삐리뽐 빼리뽐)
Released: 2010.10.19

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Posted 8/25/10 , edited 8/25/10
Their soo cute :3 , I love the mini Goo hara. Do you have the members list?? It would be helpful :/ . Anyways this group looks like a lot of fun and makes me want to join in
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28 / F / Croatia
Posted 8/26/10 , edited 8/26/10
mini GOO Hara it's true..........
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Posted 8/26/10 , edited 8/27/10
I love mini goo hara :]
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Posted 8/30/10 , edited 8/30/10
They look like a fun group. Looking forward to their debut x].
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Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/28/10

Co.ed holds their debut 3D MV showcase

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Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/29/10

T-ara’s Hyomin was the MC for the event.

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F / ♪Inside Your Head♫
Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/29/10
A girl-guy group! lol coolness...

Sage Taewon looks a like the Ok guy from 2pm in the first posted pic. Taecyeon that's his name. lol
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28 / F / Croatia
Posted 10/1/10 , edited 10/1/10
The fact that it is a mixed group (kpop group ) is what it makes interesting and fresh.
I saw their mv/pv of " Too late " and I like the pv in general.
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Posted 10/26/10 , edited 10/26/10
I loved their "Too late" but...Jin Hyewon doing that hip dancing...I think it's..wrong...She's still a kid!
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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 12/12/10 , edited 12/12/10
I freaking love her and her voice! She's so gorgeous and can sing so well! ((:

he's so adorable and can rap plus sing very well! Plus, he's the dancing machine of Co-Ed! :DD

I really like 'Too Late', it's an addictive song.
I can't wait for their comeback in February 2011.

MinChan <33
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Posted 12/21/10 , edited 12/21/10
Co-Ed's Soomi reveals a potential comeback

Be on the lookout because Co-Ed is back in the recording studio! On December 20th, Soomi updated her Twitter with two pictures of herself and captioned it with, “Today. I came back from recording, keke. Please look forward to it! Sleep well, I’m tired. Kekeke.”

Despite looking tired, Soomi still manages to keep her fans in mind. Co-Ed’s promotional activity recently ended on November 28th and will return to the stage in February 2011.
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Posted 2/10/11 , edited 2/10/11
Co-Ed to come out with a male sub-group

Co-Ed's Yoosung recently updated his Cyworld, telling fans, "Cheer on 5Dolls, who will soon debut!" 5Dolls, the female sub-group of Co-Ed, is in the middle of preparing for their February 10 debut on M! Countdown.

Yoosung informed fans that he would not be as active on his Cyworld until Co-Ed's comeback. However, he added, "It won't be too long, so please be patient!" He next revealed that Co-Ed will come out with a male sub-group. "We'll come out with surprising vocals and dance skills," Yoosung promised.

He addressed fans and loved ones, thanking them for always supporting him: "I'll remember every single one of you."
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Posted 2/18/11 , edited 2/19/11
I like Hyo Young, and their song Bbiribbeom Bberibbeom
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Posted 3/25/11 , edited 3/25/11
Coed's second unit preparing for debut

A few weeks ago, Coed/5dolls member Hyewon revealed that the boys would be getting their own sub-unit as well, not just the girls. Now after a long wait, the boys themselves revealed their unit's debut, and 5dolls' future, through Twitter.

The Coed girls debuted in February as 5dolls with their own mini album "Charming Five Girls" and will be making their comeback this coming May. The Coed boys will be debuting their own unit in July, although Jungwoo later tweeted that their debut might be pushed back or forward, depending on the circumstances at the time.

"5dolls is planning on having a comeback around May while the male group is planning on debuting around July. Please do love us."
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