Superman Returns
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I had high expectations for this movie since I watched the original four movies. Seriously, what was Bryan Singer thinking? You know, this movie is crap because of bad dialogue, acting and storywise. Now I know this was a blockbuster movie and it had high grossings. Seriously, when it comes to the story and the characters. It's lame. This movie is actually a sequel to Superman 1 and 2. Thus, ignoring the events of movie 3 and 4. Yes, I'm taking this seriously because I'm a comic book fan. You can agree or disagree with me. Everyone has a different opinion.

Clark Kent/Superman- Clark have been gone for five years to find the remaining pieces of Krypton. Now, he comes back and finds that Lois Lane has a fiance. Now, they could have at least showed the scenes where Clark was trying to find the survivors of Krypton. That would at least explain much more for this time gap, since this is a 154-minute movie. Here is my question, when did Clark actually left Earth? They didn't even show these scenes when he leaves Earth and tries to find the survivors. This would have been a flashback. Also, Clark would have not left Earth. We are talking about 5 years and so far this time, the criminals would wreak havoc. Yes, Lex Luthor is released. Seriously, what was Clark thinking? Or shall I say what the script writer was thinking? Also, Brandon Routh was too young to play Superman. That kinda bothers me. Plus, the costume. What can I say? It's horrible.

Lois Lane- The actress was ok to play as Lois. But this character was different because now she has a fiance and a son. In the comics, this didn't happen. Because Lois and Clark always meant for each other. I can understand why Lois has to move on since the long absence of Clark/Superman.

Lex Luthor- I kinda liked Kevin Spacey who played as Lex Luthor. Seriously, if I compare the better actor to Kevin's character who played Lex well is Micheal Rosenbaum. He is so much better than Kevin's character. This guy is like coming out of jail and plots a new plan against Superman again just like in the original movies. Again and again. Geez. Why can't they just show a new villian rather than Lex? There are tons of villians in the Superman's rogue gallery. There's Parasite, Brainiac, Bizarro, etc. Just pick one or two and you'll have a good villian in this movie.

Jason- Oh man, seriously. WTF? Jason is actually Clark/Superman's son. Kryptonians are not supposed to have children since they can't have any with Earth men/women. Just like in the Highlander franchise. According to Kryptonian physiology, they can't have kids. Unless without powers, yes it's possible to have kids. Who knows? Seriously, Jason inherited Clark's abilities like superstrength. Geez. I'm really surprised. For once I thought, Jason would be Richard White's kid. Then Jason would have been normal if he was Richard's kid. Then that would pretty much destroy the comics story and love between Lois and Clark.

This movie is super crap. I had faith in Bryan Singer making this movie since he directed the first 2 X-Men movies. Hopefully, Christopher Nolan takes over the franchise and reboot this super crap movie. Seriously, Christopher can do a better job than Bryan since the success of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. What did you think of this movie?
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very good
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This movie bored me to hell, and I had a medium expectation of this.

Also the movies will NEVER be like the original medium, whether it be a book, a comic, or play.
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I knew it going to suck anyway. There hasn't been a decent Superman movie since Christopher Reeve & the other guy played as him.
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I enjoyed it, to be honest, but then again, I'm easily amused.
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Hated it a complete atrocity compared to the originals.
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I didn't really care too much of Brandon Routh as Superman, and it's not his age that bothers me (Christopher Reeve was only 1 year older than Brandon Routh in first Superman movie), it's his charisma that doesn't feel the same as Christopher Reeve. Kate Bosworth was way too young as Lois Lane especially having a kid which doesn't make sense. I'm wondering if Lois and Superman's kid was the result from Superman 2 movie where he was human for a brief time (there was a scene where he slept with her) but that would make the kid human. I agree, the acting was very cookie cutter compared to the original. The special effects was good (though there were parts that looked too computer generated) and I like the flashback of Clark as a young boy. Kevin Spacey was his usual self, and I thought Parker Posey had some really funny moments. Overall, I thought this movie wasn't all that bad, but it could've been better.
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it wasn't good
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