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70 Things You Can Do to Not Start Anything
Posted on August 23, 2010, 10:39 am, by Nina, under Lifestyle Design.

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. – Thomas A. Edison

Do you have a To Do List? If you’re like most crazy busy folks, your list is probably a growing beast that you can’t ever fully slay. That’s not fun, I know. You want to get things done but you can’t do that if you never get started.

Instead of sharing with you how to get started, which I described in my post The Art of the Start, let’s list the time-suckers, unproductive, useless, and downright bizarre activities you can do if you never want to start anything. And by anything, that includes your To Do List, Life Goals List, Dreams, Personal Projects, cool and fun adventures you’ve always wanted to go on, taking your career to the next level, etc. (Don’t take everything so seriously in this list. It’s meant to be a satirical account of what we can do if we never wanted to do anything. Make sense? Okay, let’s do it!)
70 Things You Can Do to Not Start Anything:

1. Watch TV.
2. Watch YouTube videos.
3. Check e-mail a thousand times a day.
4. Take a shower.
5. Give your dog a bath.
6. Comb your hair.
7. Brush your dog’s fur.
8. Shoot the breeze with your neighbor.
9. Have guests over at your place.
10. Have your in-laws over at your place.
11. Talk for 3 hours on the phone with your best friend.
12. Go to a buffet and stuff yourself.
13. Eat while sitting in front of the TV.
14. Chat online.
15. Shop online.
16. Go to the mall.
17. Do the laundry.
18. Organize your closet.
19. Cook an elaborate meal.
20. Bake lots of treats.
21. Read magazines.
22. Go fishing.
23. Gamble with your buddies.
24. Watch a sports game.
25. Go to the casino.
26. Go to the bars.
27. Hang out with vampires (those people that suck every last ounce of energy and life in you and offer nothing in return but their ghoulish ways).
28. Work overtime at your dead-end job.
29. Try to please everyone.
30. Ignore yourself.
31. Order delivery and eat everything.
32. Stare at your work out clothes and contemplate working out.
33. Stare at your cat.
34. Stare at your postman.
35. Get ice cream from the neighborhood ice cream truck.
36. Eat the ice cream.
37. Drink excessive coffee and get hyper.
38. Drink excessive alcohol and get drunk.
39. Water your plants.
40. Go outside and pick flowers.
41. Over-research whatever you are trying to start.
42. Discuss whatever you are trying to start with your vampire friends.
43. Have a conversation about whatever you are trying to start with those who have no clue and could care less about your endeavors.
44. Watch your dog chase his own tail and laugh because he’s going around in circles. Wait, so are you.
45. Read and subscribe to more blogs than you can handle.
46. Follow a thousand people on Twitter.
47. Clean your house.
48. Wash your car.
49. Buy tons of stuff to fill your house with.
50. Overbook.
51. Overcommit.
52. Overpromise.
53. Then under-deliver.
54. Apologize for being who you are.
55. Allow fear to hold you back.
56. Hold onto everything.
57. Comment on every single blog post you read.
58. Reply to comments on your comments.
59. Tweet instead of Start.
60. Bark at your kids instead of Start.
61. Ignore your health.
62. Try to get good at what you don’t like doing.
63. Do 100 things at once.
64. Watch movies.
65. Watch episodes of your favorite TV show.
66. Clip coupons.
67. Gripe and complain how life is so unfair to you.
68. Start a fight.
69. Realize the person you’re fighting is a Black belt in Karate.
70. Decidedly and promptly quit.

Don’t just do things for the sake of doing. Realize what you are doing and how that impacts your life.

Is it positive or negative?

Does it add value to your life or is it just a vampire?

Are you just doing it because “that’s the way it’s always been done”?

What can you not do right now?

Number 27.

Do that long enough and you’ll start 67-ing and finally end up 33-ing. Ha!

Sometimes you just have to jump"or make excuses". If you prep yourself up so much prior, you may very well never take the leap, therefore never doing anything. Don’t let that happen.

Life is seriously short. Too short to be miserable when you can change the course of your future … TODAY!
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Here's my list of things to do to no start anything.

1. Try to tell someone to do something telepathically and see if it works.
2. Try to read tea leaves
3. Hold a pot up to your ear and listen to the noise it makes.
4. Try to climb a tree.
5. explore your backyard.
6. Think of a noise you would make if you were a monster.
7. Try to lick your elbow.
8. See how long it takes you to learn how to do a kartwheel, front flip, and backbend.
9. Write a story.
10. Read.
11. Talk to yourself loudly and see how long it takes for people to get annoyed.
12. Keep your eyes shut for 30 minutes like your blind and try doing stuff.
13. think of how you would describe colors to a blind person who has been blind their whole life.
14. Think of new types of food.
15. Try to meditate.
16. see how long it takes you to lick all the cream from an Oreo.
17. Find a pet stick and name them.
18. Make a tire swing in your yard.
19. Make an obstacle course and do it or make a pet or friend so it.
20. Make sock puppets.

That wasn't actually that hard to think of. I recommend doing number 3. It works with cups and bowls too, but pots are the best to try it with.
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