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Posted 8/26/10 , edited 8/26/10
ok that's a very important project that will spread all around the world .....

That's the letter to all the cassies

Hey everyone.It's head of Worldofcassies Project ** .I give you details as long as you contact with me and wall of our facebook group.And we try to let each cassie in the world know about our project so our boys(or I personally call even brothers) can give a smile when this project is done.But as you all can guess,it's not that easy.We need each countries(national cassiopeia's supports) and each cassies' working on it as well.Unless the project is not spreaded to everywhere,every blog,every fan site or even official sites,we can not get letters from countries all over the world.When I say 'all over the world ' I really mean it.Since there hasn't been a fan project gathering all thoughts from all over the world,making people from all over the world and them smile,cry,enjoy and even passionate at the same time yet,you can count our project as only one.So we need your urgent help my dear friends.We seriously need both your letters and your efforts to spread this project.I hope the people who call themselves as real cassies and believe in cassiopeia power will reply back to us with their letters and efforts as soon as possible.It might seem like we still have time,but its running too fast even without realising.I give my best wishes to all of you our dear cassie friends.

You can find every info about the project in worldofcassies facebook account in the photos part.But basically you will send a letter with one large paragraph or two little paragraphs like half of a page with one or a few picture about dbsk.The picture should be your own.It can be a photo of something special you did for dbsk or something you did own your own in computer etc.You basically need to mention that you want TVXQ get together again but even if they can't you will keep supporting.This is the main message we want to give in letters.Apart from letters,we need every cassies' spreading this project to all over the world.If you search for worldofcassies project in internet you can find our blogs in sites like sharingyoochun and phoneix.We need letters from each country from all over the world.

** For more contacts : search for Feyza Özdeş's facebook account
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