Post Reply ~RP Battles~
Posted 8/26/10 , edited 8/26/10
Hiiii! Fight as your RP character with another strange user! You are starting with 800 HPs (RP points,what you are losing when someone attacks you) Before we start a battle you must write this:RP Battle Pending: [1# username] - [2# username] If creator (GaiaMye) says:"Start a battle!",you can start. If you win your level is higher for 1 more. When your "enemy" attacks he can choose how much HPs do you lose (Its same with you ) Before you starts a battle (And creator approves it) you must introduce your RP character. If you didnt your battle request will not be approved. Well,i hope i helped you! I wish you win and Good Luck!

The Kawaii =3 creator
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