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22 / F / My Wonderland
Posted 8/26/10 , edited 8/26/10


Username: xXxEmo_MidnaxXx
Name: Midna Shadow
Age: 15
Personality: nice, quiet somtimes
History: Unknown
Human Form

Wolf Form

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22 / F / In A Dark World T...
Posted 11/13/10 , edited 12/4/10
Username: haruka-chan21
Name: Tsubaki Kanashimi
Age: 15
Personality: Quiet in human form but smiles a lot around people she knows and hides behind them in front of people she doesn't. In wolf form she's a different person that people can't even recognize when she;s in human form, the name's Paine when in wolf.
History: When asked she might tell.
Pic: human form

Wolf form-with red eyes
Posted 11/13/10 , edited 11/14/10
Username: XxXsexyninjagirlXxX
Name: Esther
Age: 16
Personality: nice, outgoing, takes on any challenge and admires Paine or Devil's Light Wolf
History: she used to be in a pack but she left in search for someone. She's found them but can never find the human behind the wolf. In search for the killer of her packs leader and parents shes come to admire The wolf Paine who was name Devil's Light wolf.
human form:

Wolf form:
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