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She stopped and seemed to fall in slow motion. She didn’t know what was happening to her. All she knew was her back was wet from something, and then the pain hit.
Something had hit her left shoulder blade. The shock had kept her from feeling the pain at first, but as it started to overcome her, one thing was perfectly clear. She had been shot.
“I hit her, what now chief?”, asked a short pudgy police officer.
“Call an ambulance, she may not make it but maybe her parents and sister will…what kind of sick person murders there family?!”, the chief asked in disgust as he started at her still body.
‘I won’t survive, and sadly my father will, that fucking bastard! I won’t let him live!’
The girl’s name was Lucy Baker. Those were her final thoughts, in this body anyways…
Her soul broke out of her body and she floated above the scene as a spirit.
“Why is it I am not being sent to hell?”, She asked herself.
“You have morphed into a Hermit Crab Spirit!”, A young woman said behind her.
“A what?”, Lucy asked wondering how the woman got there.
“It’s what happens to someone who dies with a great hatred towards whoever in there mind caused their death. You can latch onto an empty body or a body with only 1 soul occupying it. Hence the name hermit crab, you take a new shell.”, she explained.
“When do I pass on?”, Lucy asked as she narrowed her eyes on the short haired woman.
She smiled and shook her head like a mother, “You only do if you can’t latch onto a body in time. When you grab a body do more research on your own!”
Lucy blinked hard hoping she was just seeing things and that none of this was happening, sadly the woman had left, but Lucy was still in ghostly form.
She knew she was scrap for time so she quickly flew to the closest body.
She pushed herself into a girl named Amy.
Lucy was originally a small, pale, well built, long black haired, brown eyed, Goth.
Her new body, Amy, was a short, healthy toned, curvy, long blonde haired, blue eyed, prep. That was going to have to change…
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