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What was the Funniest thing that happened to YOU?
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Posted 9/5/10 , edited 9/5/10
I wanted toast
so I go to the toaster
put bread
wait an hour
I call my mom , " mommmmm the toaster doesn't work anymore"
she comes and says
"maybe you should try to plugged in"
" yeahh i guess"'
Posted 9/5/10 , edited 9/5/10
We were doing some work on the mats in Taekwondo. My mat was near the door, I was sparring so I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on behind me (in this case edging closer and closer to the door) next thing I fall through the door and vanish!

there are many more stories to tell
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Posted 9/5/10 , edited 9/5/10
err once at a mall, i pushed my friend down the escelator n ditched him.
then after a while, when he went up the escelator, i didn't follow him, so he had to come bak down.
n when he did, i went up, so he had to ride it 2x x]

n when at halloween, after a party, my friend was putting make-up on me at my house
but when she was finished n told me to look at the mirror, i saw a mustache on my face.
laughed like crzy n when we showed it to my mom, mom said we're crzy
n thts when tht friend just pissed in her pants.
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