7 Days of Purgatory: The Festival of Death
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Les Giorni di Settimana
Les Giorni di Settimana ("The Days of the Week") were seven seraphims created by the Nameless God of Time to manage time. Each were given power over one day of the week, thus preventing them from fighting each other. Over the millenia, they served as the guardians of time, preventing others from meddling with time. Only four incidences have every occured in which the God of Time himself* had to intervene. However, throughout the millenias, the Giorni have grown tired of the normal routine. They eventually started a game called the Festival of Death, which inacts the paradoxical curse known as the 7 Days of Purgatory, in which an entire week shall repeat as long as twenty-two people die. To make things interesting, if the contestants of the Giorni's Festival win, they are awarded powers called Capacitas.

Origins of Le Canzoni di Morte
Three years ago, the Giorni played the 'game' at Sadyous against 22 people. They won and gained Capacita. A nobleman named Isa al-Ma'un gathered the 22 people and formed Le Canzoni di Morte. While Le Canzoni di Morte were suppose to help keep world peace, al-Ma'un went missing and Nero took control, using the Canzoni for his own purposes.
With Nero's death at the hand of Bianca, Le Canzoni di Morte disbanded. Several died. The Giorni got bored of the Canzoni and decided to seek revenge for their boredom by staring a Festival of Death, where four Canzoni were located.

7 Days of Purgatory & Festival of Death
7 Days of Purgatory was created as a joint effort of the Giorni during a mission to stop a cult from destroying time. Through their combined powers, they create time loop around one week. In the area affected, the time will repeat while outside time will occur normally. Travel into the paradoxical zone is impossible unless powerful in time manipulation.
The Festival of Death is test, spanning for 7 weeks from a repeating week. The contestants experiencing the repeating week are oblivious to the fact but lingering memories have been known to surface. The only way to survive is to beat the Giorni during those 49 days. Even if some people have been killed during that 'round', they will be resurrected. As tied in with the Festival, 22 people must be killed during each 'round', or one week, averaging usually of three deaths per day. If more or less than 22 people die during a Round, the Festival will end and the contestants win. If the contestants fail to win within 7 rounds, they remain in the state in which they were killed during the last round.
Requirements & Rules
- at least 22 people must be present
- there will be seven rounds, each consisting of 7 days
-a Round can be stopped early under the conditions that...
-... all 22 are dead
-... all 7 Giorni decide to end the round
- all 7 Giorni must be present
-22 people must die per round in order for the Festival to continue to the next round; if less than 22 or more than 22 people die during the alotted time, the Giorni lose
-victory will be awarded to Giorni if all 22 die in all 7 rounds

*Despite the God's gender unknown, for the purposes of these articles, the Nameless God of Time shall be referred to as male
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Les Giorni di Settimana Members
There are seven Giorni, each controlling one day of the week. Lord Sunday the Sun controls Sunday, Lady Monday the Moon controls Monday, Major Tuesday the Warrior controls Tuesday, Ash Wednesday the Hellraiser controls Wednesday, Chief Thursday the Squall controlled Thursday, Black Friday the Temptress controls Friday, and Saint Saturday the Reaper controls Saturday.

Lord Sunday the Sun
Lord Sunday, whose epithet is The Sun, is the Giorni of Sunday, the day of the sun. He is the leader of Le Gorni di Settimana. As such, he has the priveledge of starting the Festival of Death. However, he rarely kills during his day of the Festival. His Chevalier is Ein.

Lady Monday the Moon
Lady Monday, whose epithet is The Moon, is the Giorni of Monday, the day of the moon. She is known for her two-face persona, acting peaceful and nice at one point, and cruel and evil the next. She is the self-declared rival of Sunday, though Sunday himself doesn't acknowledge her. For half of the Festival, she joins in under the guise of a maid named Luna Muhn. Her Chevalier is Zwei.

Major Tuesday the Warrior
Major Tuesday, whose epithet is The Warrior, is the Giorni of Tuesday, the day of war. He is known for his military expertise, known for causing the massacre at the Second Battle of Azuriya millenias ago nicknamed the Tuesday Tragedy. He lost his eye when he tried to pick a fight with Saint Saturday. His Chevalier is Drei.

Ash Wednesday the Hellraiser
Ash Wednesday, whose epithet is The Hellraiser, is the Giorni of Wednesday, the day of baptism and hunting. He is famous for his destructive and chaotic interventions in events and the Festival, being the bloodthirsty. He has been called a vampire by many for his staurophobia, or fear of crosses. His Chevalier is Vier.

Chief Thursday the Squall
Chief Thursday, whose epithet is The Squall, is the Giorni of Thursday, the day of mysteries. He loves mysteries, even being a writer under the pseunonym Cloud Nigne. During his day of the Festival, he inserts conspiracies or reveals some mysteries, giving hints once and a while. His Chevalier is Funf.

Black Friday the Temptress
Black Friday, whose epithet is The Temptress, is the Giorni of Friday, the day of love. She is known for being 'boy-crazy', even to the extent of killing the remaining females of the Festival so that she'll have all the males to herself. She is jealous of Lady Monday for having Lord Sunday's eye but she also has a crush on Major Tuesday's 'human' form. Her Chevalier and lover is Sechs.

Saint Saturday the Reaper
Saint Saturday, whose epithet is The Reaper, is the Giorni of Saturday, the day of harvest. He has the responsibility of ending every round, insuring the Festival continues on. He has a god-complex, and considers the contestants as plants that must be 'harvested'. It's rumored that he has a private farm that he tends to during the summer. His Chevalier and helper on the farm is Sieben, sometimes nicknamed 'Ben' by Black Friday.
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Seventh Epitaph
Let the games begin, Our Festival of Death
Start with Sunday, Conclude on Saturday
Seven days in a week, Seven weeks in a week
Tick-tock, tick-tock, Time grows short
Day of the sun Sunday, The Sun reaches twilight
Day of the moon Monday, The Moon eclipses truth
Day of war Tuesday, The Warrior declares siege
Day of baptism Wednesday, The Hellraisers hunts
Day of mysterious Thursdays, The Squall approaches
Day of love Friday, The Temptress breaks the heart
Day of harvest, The Reaper reaps the fields
One, two, three, four, Let's start the festivities
Five, six, seven, Repeat the rematch
Lose all to win, Win all to lose
Let the stakes be high, Let the stakes be sharp
Let the Fool fall into oblivion, Culprit he may be
Let the Bateleur be tricked, Jynxed accidents summoned
Let the Popess martyr, Sacrifice the lamb of god
Let the Empress feel pain, Only pain breeds evolution
Let the Emperor be destroyed, Leadership turns to tyranny
Let the Hierophant execute heretics, Cross the path of god
Let the Lovers fall into despair, Hope enlightens nihilism
Let the Chariot betray its rider, Ride into the twilight
Let the Strenght form pride, Die by the hands of nemeses
Let the Hermit slumber of old age, His wisdom be forgotten
Let the Wheel of fate spin, Destiny chains our fortunes
Let the Justice be our law, Bring justice to order
Let the Hanged Man hang, Pandaemonium ensues
Let the Death sweep aside, Sleep little children of man
Let the Temperance starve you, May gluttony feed on your guts
Let the Devil corrupt you, All light shed shadows
Let the Tower stand tall, A beacon for the lonely trail
Let the Star shine long, Leaving you plagued with regret
Let the Moon define night, Peace in the stillness of blackness
Let the Sun define the day, Raging heat scorch the plains
Let the Judgement day near, Madness seperates good and evil
Let the World end, Apocalyptic nightmare repeat
On the first chime, Let all who seek rejoice
On the second chime, Eclipse the actions of the sun
On the third chime, Battle to the very end
On the fourth chime, An atheist achieves godhood
On the fifth chime, Mysteries answer lies
On the sixth chime, Day turns to night
On the seventh chime, Make your last stand
Play now as hard as you can, Sing of death
End anew from purgatory, Purify the seven ceremonies
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The Contestants
In order for the Festival of Death to be played, there must be 22 contestants, or rather, 22 unwilling participants in the Giorni's game. There are currently 8 open spots for the Festival; spots not taken will be filled by NPC maids, servants, guards, etc. To participate, fill out the following form:
Nationale: [Country currently a citizen in]

You can choose to specially create a character for this side story or use an already existing character. Due note that during the first sixth rounds, all 22 will die each time some way or another. The Contestants win the last round, leaving everyone unharmed and alive at the end. Due to low amount of remaining spots, I ask that you limit your entries to one or two. The following are the current Contestants (minus Luna Muhn, a maid, who is actually a Giorni in disguise):
1. Imperatrice Crudele di Tristia, Queen of Saligia
2. Jackal di Tristia, Crown Prince of Saligia
3. Hyde di Tristia, Prince of Saligia
4. Solitario Novula di Angeli, ex. Canzoni
7. Adela Persius, Umoba princess
8. Rakhmini Persius, Umoba princess
9. Crissa Black, Umoban security captain
10. Nihilengallia "Winter" Valanca du Dezmonariero, Imperatrice's godchild
13. Sam Yaza, Saligian soldier
14. Johann Rosseau, Saligian soldier
15. Howie, friend of Jackal and apprentice of Aventh
16. Angie, friend of Jackal and apprentice of Aventh
17. Parker, friend of Jackal and apprentice of Aventh
18. Lun
19. Veralior
Story Writer.
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Username: Kali-Yu
Name: Lamina Arma
Nationale: Has none
Powers: summoning all kind of weapons and as much she wants, very very fast, Eye of Aura (can feel the presence of each person)
Lamina is the leader of the Weapers, humans who can summon all sorts of weapons. As the leader of the clan she can summon the cursed sword: Jade of the Abyss (Angoku Dama) which never misses his target. She has high responisbility in her clan and has to follow the strict laws. When the clan leader disregard one of this laws he´ll be dismissed and abonded from the clan (this counts for all member but more than any for the leader)
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