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Well my real name irhs Christina but i can sometimes be called Mia or Ami..and people add 'Chan' or 'Tan' on the end.I was even called 'senpai' by my freind really freaked me out! Well im 13 years old but turn 14 on March 20th and in September i go back to school for my 3rd year.I was born in Wales and i still live there..but irhs not very good living there cause it always rains and is only sunny when im in school..irh sucks! Im also a female (nu-duh) who is Perverted,kind,happy,hyper.RaNdUm & VERY Sick-Minded.Also i like getting gifts,anime ,sweets,Inner party self!,Bunnies,anything cute,acting "RaNdOm" xD,dressing up,BUBBLES!,doing stuff to confuse ppl,Linkin Park,Metro Station,Owl City,friends,laughing,flowers,movies,texting,talking on CR,music,being weird O.O,PS2,Wii,Wii-Fit,DS,Computer,Family & Happy Endings but i hate stalkers O.o,CopyCats,cigarettes,alcohol (in giant amounts),gum,cold weather,musicals,when people don't do wut i tell them,dark chocolate (its not sweet!),not having money,traitors,country music,getting hurt,Coke,Pepsi,Lemonade & Orange Juice.Oh and by the way..the creator of thiz group (me) Rules! ;D bai! x♥


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Well my real name is classified but call me Aiko. My friends each gave a nickname to each other and i was gummy bear, So call me Gummy. I will be 1_(private) on October 7th and i'm a female.
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My real name is Joye lynne.But people just call me Joy.I play basketball and im very athletic im not a tomboy and ppl sometimes say that cause girls shoudnt play basketball.but i dont care. My friends say im cool and funny and sometimes they say in a mean way .i dont really get but oh well
I listen to mostly rock and alternative like Boys like girls, hoobastank Linkin park superchick and alot more.But im not one to not like all music
But i have to get this off my chest I DONT SEE WHAT GIRLS SEE IN JUSTIN BEIBER he sounds liik a gurl im always talkin on the phone or texting.
this is my first time joing anything like CR so take gud care of me
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