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Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/8/08
"first love never dies"~ is this statement true or false???????? explain ur answer
Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/9/08
FALSE! i dont even remember who my first love was!
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Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
just read my poem
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Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
Here I lay dying with my heart torn from within
My one true love who I believed could’ve been him
Now I know that life goes on
And everyone doesn’t get who they believe is there true love
But deserves more than a heart gone and a soul dying
I deserve my love
My one true love
It could’ve been him
I believe it was
But it got messed up
And I have nothing
Nothing to remember him
Nothing to love
No one to love
I called and he ignored
He called and I ignored
Now I know that you shouldn’t fight fire with fire
Because in reality,
You eventually get burned
And that one who you believed was him
Will turn out to be the one who caused the fire all along
And since you were burnt so badly,
You don’t let anyone in to put out the fire
And eventually the fire will get tired of trying to be put out
That when someone comes along and tries to put out the fire,
The fire would be so strong and powerful that there is no possible way that the fire could be put out
Except for when you eventually forget about the person who started the fire and the fire blows out on its own
Then days go by and weeks rush on
And the one who you loved will come along
He would never forget you
That one that you loved will never forgive himself for starting the fire and never putting it out
For burning you and never undoing the pain that you went through when you were caught in the fire and could never be taken out of that heat
The pain that was caused many years before will still be inside
But deep down inside
Where no one but you could ever find it
So then when someone comes along
And wants to love you
You are scared that that person will be like the one that you used to love and start a fire
And never put it out
So no one could get close to you
And no one can get close to undoing the hurt
Which has been cast upon you from that one moment in your life where everything went wrong
Then that one that you loved will come back and try to put out the fire
But then it would be too late
Because when you were ready,
He was not
And when he was ready it was too late
You had slipped between the cracks and gotten away
Even though deep down inside you still loved him
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Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08 have to explain a bit more by first love...
if you mean like a relationship, first love ALWAYS dies! lol
i mean, really, how would all the little curious boys an' girls survive it all?
but if ya mean like your feelings, then it's a definite MAYBE
cause like, although feelings are feelings, an' they're all important in every way...there are those types'a feeling's that seem stronger than others
an' if your first lovey just so happens ta be particularly strong...or say strong enough to not be forgetful...then it might never die!
which could be a sign that you're too clingy or something but that'll be a whole other topic...
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Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
do not have any first love..XD
but for the first person that i love...yea...
i dont think i would forget...
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 8/1/08
my first love..... hmm.... yea ima agree on that one.... first love never... EVER dies! cuz for me, apparently, i keep taking her back even though i know she's lying to me...... love works in mysterious ways..... and love definitely is blind.....
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