im want a new mmo to play
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Posted 8/29/10 , edited 8/29/10
i started playing 8 years ago every mmo i could...
now i want a new 1... ^^ wanna try helping me choose?
i prefere beta testings cuz i know they are new..
and also i always try to play in original servers and i dont like them to be too much populated..

[] = the time i playe it, and i still got my account so i could go back
i played all of this 1s and i took little breaks of each xD

i already played
tibia (paladin = archer / druid = ice & earth magic) [8 years]
ragnarok (i played priest full support) [6 years]
runescape (all-around) [6 years]
flyff (thief, first mmo that i used a melee char..,)
world of warcraft (mage/ paladin support)
dragonica (shaman /ranger)
fiesta (archer) [9 months]
tantra/imperio (mage /support healer)
rohan (support healer) [1 month]
audition (this 1 is dance... i like it... XD)

i like fantasy, usualy playing long range char or support, hardly i get melee..

the only game i played and really loved pvp was ragnarok... from the others i hardly took a part of pvp..
prefere grinding and questing
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Posted 8/29/10 , edited 8/30/10
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Posted 8/29/10 , edited 8/30/10
Please put your request here

The Game Recommendation

As for some fantasy, how about Grand Fantasia?
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