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30 / F / deeply missing al...
Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/8/08
I would like to have the opportunity of knowing a little about u! And it's only natural for some to be curious about me so i'll start!

My name is Sarah
Obviously, i LUV to draw
I actually have two hobbies though: drawing and reading
I luv reading romance novels...... im absolutely hucked!!!
I hardly ever turn down food............ hahaha........ my fav. food is lo mein (spelling?)
I've been drawing for a few years now and im currently in college majoring in art
I luv to talk and meet new ppl
and last but most certainly not least..... i have an alter ego (kinda) and she is in luv with Kisame (the fish guy from the Akatsuki clan).... her profile is kisameluv6788

What about u?
Posted 1/12/08 , edited 1/12/08
im just too lazy to write all of that info..... *sigh*...... but i will say that i am ...... me!
i, obviously, like to draw
and sleep...... *sigh*
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33 / M / Here
Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/18/08
I'm Frog!
My hobbies include: drawing (obviously), palaeontology (my major), fencing and wing chun kung fu
I like to cook and eat ^_^ my favs are pizza, chinese, greek, italian, japanese, most food lol
I am a Virgo and born in the year of the Ox

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31 / F / Honolulu, HI
Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
Hi hi .. my name is Janie. 21 years old living in Honolulu Hawaii.
My hobbies are : Playing the guitar, singing, drawing, reading, writing & cooking.
I am an aspiring graphic designer and maybe want to get into culinary arts.
I usually do pencil art...been drawing since I had my first art class in the 7th grade. But I recently bought a Bamboo tablet for my I've been practicing my art on open Canvas and things like that..
My favorite foods are .. Japanese food..I love ramen..and also I love italian foods..especially mushroom ravioli yummmm!!!
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29 / F / Scotland
Posted 1/23/08 , edited 1/23/08
Hello =3
I'm Naomi but my friends call me Twi (as in Twilight).
I've not drawn in over a year but recently my muse has come back =3
I'm 18 years old =3 I like doing the general things an 18 year old Scottish girl does aka Parties.. hanging with friends.. Listening to music.. I love turtles =3 and I always speak my mind =3
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26 / Where bLack Notes...
Posted 2/2/08 , edited 2/2/08
ummm, hmmmm *scratches head*

I don't know what to say ... ehhh

anyway ... I'm sarah's Twin liL sis ... ^_____^
Call me Winry if yah like and ummm ... hmmm, call me any names if you want ^_____^
I like sketching and so so so humorous ! I love funny people and laughs all the time LOL!
Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/7/08
Hi I'm nateish.Nice to meet you'll.
I can't really draw that good but i can draw rooms and stuff.I really wanna learn how to draw animes.I'm 14 and i love to read mangas and watch animes.
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31 / M / Houston, TX
Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/13/08
i am an ARTIST!

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29 / O / Ontario, Canada
Posted 9/1/15 , edited 9/1/15

My name is Spirit as everyone called me in that way. And I'm 26 year old Freelance Artist. Not sure if you have some Deaf Starving Artist around here? Because I'm one of those. Still learn how to draw Human because not easy to do. I do have Deviantart but never use that anymore.
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