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Beginners Part 1

Okay so this is the beginners section for Korean. For those who are intermediate or expert or master. You have to wait until i get into that section. Okay beginning Koreans. let's start.

History Of The Korean Language

Koreans use their own unique alphabet called Hangul.A Korean syllable is divided into three parts: Ch'osong (initial consonant), chungsong (peak vowel), and chongsong (final consonant). This is the basic framework that King Sejong and the Chiphyonjon scholars adhered to when creating the letters. Chongsong was not separately created and was a repetition of the ch'osong. Therefore, Hangul is the consonants and vowels.

Appearance Of Foreign Letters In Spoiler...
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The basics.

1 일 (하나) il (hana)
2 이 (둘) ee (tul)
3 삼 (셋) sam (set)
4 사 (넷) sa (net)
5 오 (다섯) oh (tasot)
6 육 (여섯) yuk (yosot)
7 칠 (일곱) ch'il (ilgop)
8 팔 (여덟) p'al (yodolp)
9 구 (아홉) gu (ahop)
10 십 (열) ship (yol)
11 십일 (열하나) ship-il (yol-hana)
12 십이 (열둘) ship-ee (yol-tul)
13 십삼 (열셋) ship-sam (yol-set)
14 십사 (열넷) ship-sa (yol-net)
15 십오 (열다섯) ship-oh (yol-tasot)
16 십육 (열여섯) shim-yuk (yol-yosot)
17 십칠 (열일곱) ship-ch'il (yol-ilgop)
18 십팔 (열여덟) shi-p'al (yol-yodolp)
19 십구 (열아홉) ship-gu (yol-ahop)
20 이십 (스물) ee-ship (sumul)
30 삼십 (서른) sam-ship (sorun)
40 사십 (마흔) sa-ship (mahun)
50 오십 (쉰) oh-ship (shween)
60 육십 (예순) yuk-ship (yesun)
70 칠십 (이른) ch'il-ship (irun)
80 팔십 (여든) p'al-ship (yodun)
90 구십 (아흔) gu-ship (ahun)
100 백 baek
200 이백 ee-baek
1,000 천 ch'eon
10,000 만 man
100,000 십만 ship-man
1,000,000 백만 baek-man
100,000,000 억 eok
Days of the Week

Sunday 일요일 ilyo-il
Monday 월요일 wolyo-il
Tuesday 화요일 hwayo-il
Wednesday 수요일 suyo-il
Thursday 목요일 mogyo-il
Friday 금요일 kumyo-il
Saturday 토요일 t'oyo-il

January 일월 ilwol
February 이월 eewol
March 삼월 samwol
April 사월 sawol
May 오월 ohwol
June 유월 yuwol
July 칠월 ch'ilwol
August 팔월 p'alwol
September 구월 guwol
October 시월 shiwol
November 십일월 shibilwol
December 십이월 shibeewol

Two Characters Chart (Structure)




Running sounds Together

That is the end of part one of the Beginners Section.
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