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Beginners Part 1

Okay so we are now on section one Beginners. Intermediates and Experts and Masters please wait until i get to yours.


Here are the vowels.
a = like 'a' in "father": ba
ă = like 'a' in "father", except said very quickly: chăn
â = like 'u' in "hut", except shorter: sân
e = like 'eah' in "yeah": che
ê = like the Canadian English "eh": cà phê
i = like 'ee' in "see" or "deed": pin
o = like "awwwww...", but not quite as long: lý do
ô = like the first component of the diphthong 'ow' in "low": á-lô
ơ = like â, except longer: bơ
u = like 'oo' in "hoop": Na Uy
ư = like 'oo' in "book", with a hint of the 'i' in "lick": thư

b = beh
c = cuh
d = zuh
đ = duh
g = guh
h = heh
k = keh
l = luh
m = muh
n = nuh
p = puh
r = ruh
s = ss
t = th
v = vih
x = s
y = yuh

okay this is under co.
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