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MMO suggestions?

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26 / F / US
Posted 1/7/11 , edited 1/8/11
how bout...i tried and played a few of them):
Maple story
Atlantica online
Runes of magic
Allods online
Battle of the immortals
Runes of magic
Fiesta Online
Cabal online
Rohan Online
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F / Under your bed
Posted 1/8/11 , edited 1/8/11
Jade dynasty! perfect world!!! >.<
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30 / M
Posted 1/13/11 , edited 1/13/11

Rzone | Facebook!/pages/Rzone/164459040235733?v=wall

hello to all the forum members wanted you to know aboyt a new web from israel! we have 3 game server for lineage 2 wow and aion
we welcome all the world community to play on our server!


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30 / M / San Diego, Cali
Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/20/11
yea ima hop on the band wagon i have tried most of those games sooo what else is there?
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25 / M / London
Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/20/11
Luna online
Legend of Edda
Clod Nine
Nos Tale

I can still play them but all currently inactive, but if you mail me i get back on which ever one =P
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22 / M / World of Loneliness
Posted 1/28/11 , edited 1/29/11
Try Kitsu Saga online ^_^ I played a lot of others too, I'll list them later..
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118 / F / The Citadel
Posted 2/2/11 , edited 2/2/11
It depends are you looking for free MMOs or paid ones?

The MMO market is definitely getting more and more competitive.

Here's a link to the new MMOs coming out:
My favorite has to be RIFT but I'm open to a Star Wars MMO; knowing Bioware they know how to make very good games.
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22 / F
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/15/11
I recommend fiesta online. Its a great anime-based MMO
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108 / M / Not far away enough
Posted 2/22/11 , edited 2/22/11
I'd go ahead and try some of these former pay to play games that have gone F2P...

Dungeons & Dragons Online
Lord of the Rings Online (Awesome)

I've heard now that Champions has gone free to play. Played it when it was pay and I liked it. But that's if you like superhero games.

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23 / F
Posted 2/22/11 , edited 2/23/11

GAPeachGT wrote:

Hijacked by Kippu
This thread will be the general MMO suggestions thread. Please post here if you would like others to suggest something for you or you can post to share some of your favourite MMO's in general.

I'm bored and looking for a casual online game to keep me busy while I wait for Blade&Soul. I've been playing MMOs for almost a decade and currently stuck in a rut So if you're playing one and would like to recommend it, please do!

f2p (cash shop is fine)
good game play/content
atleast decent graphics
non-cutesy looking (i.e. La Tale, Maple Story)
large, active community

Games I've already played:
Conquer Online 1.0 (favorite)
Conquer Online 2.0
Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online (favorite)
12 Sky
neosteam (gamengame closed beta)
world of kung fu
perfect world
neosteam (Atlus closed & open beta) (favorite)
jade dynasty
dragonsky open beta
Magic World Online
The WarLords
wolfteam (favorite)
dragon oath
lost saga (favorite)
Zone4 (closed/open/launch)

Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

WOW i love MMO
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35 / M
Posted 3/3/11 , edited 3/4/11

- Season 6
- 99+ custom items
- 3D-mode
- Special Events: BlueJewel, Doublegear, Skyevent,Castle Siege Weekly etc etc,
- GM-Events: Hide and seek + Kill GM event + Race Event + PK event + Scramble Event
- etc Medium EXP 32k stats normal pro reset 65k stats

normal reset system

Reset Requirements Table

# of Resets Requirements: Items Zen Level Bonus RP
10 - 19 1. JewelofBless x 10 400 +2
20 - 49 1. JewelofBless x 5 50,000,000 400 +3

also our reset system for pro stats

1st time to PRO Reset 50 JewelofSoul x 10 50,000,000 400 +500
2nd time to PRO Reset 55 JewelofSoul x 15 50,000,000 400 +1000
3rd time to PRO Reset 60 bundle of Souls x 2 50,000,000 400 +1000
4th time to PRO Reset 75 JewelofCreation x 25 50,000,000 400 +1000
5th time to PRO Reset 100 bundle of Souls x 25 | Jewel of Chaos x 30 100,000,000 400 +1000
6th time to PRO Reset 125 bundle of Souls x 25 | Jewel of Chaos x 35 100,000,000 400 +1000
7th time to PRO Reset 150 bundle of Souls x 25 | bundle of Bless x 20 100,000,000 400 +1000
8th time to PRO Reset 155 bundle of Souls x 25 100,000,000 400 +1000
9th time to PRO Reset 160 bundle of Souls x 25 | bundle of Bless x 25 100,000,000 400 +1000
10th time to PRO Reset 165 bundle of Souls x 25 100,000,000 400 +1000
11th time to PRO Reset 175 bundle of Souls x 25 200,000,000 400 +1000
12th time or more 200 bundle of Souls x 25 | Jewel of Chaos x 40 1,500,000,000 400 +1500

Come to UnitedMu and enjoy our server
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23 / F
Posted 4/14/11 , edited 4/15/11
i Luv the games from Aeria Games and Entertainment. Here are some of their products-->

Products--Last Chaos, Twelve Sky, Twelve Sky 2 , Shaiya, Dream of Mirror Online, Megaten, Dreamlords, Stone Age 2, Pi Story, La Tale, Goldslam,Luminary[disambiguation needed], WolfTeam, Poker Heroes, Fragoria, Kingdom Heroes, Pirate Galaxy, DDTank, Dynasty Warriors Online, Grand Fantasia

i luv playing Dream of Mirror Online(aka domo) and Grand Fantasia (GF) etc their games r really great!! Everyone should try it!!!

Ppl there are both casual and hard players XD!
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Posted 4/30/11 , edited 5/1/11
Free to play:
Right now the only game i play from this category is Vindictus, dragon nest will be good too once its released.

Non Free:
:V hard to choose, right now im pretty much just waiting for the upcoming titles im interested in : Guild Wars 2, Blade and Soul

since i bought ffxiv when it came out (and was disappointed ) im playing again now to see what the new team is doing with the game, no problem since the monthly fee was indefinitely suspended.
However i wont encourage you to buy and try this game at this point, if you don't have it yet you might just wait until the ps3 version is out, by then the game will be at a stable state, hopefully

This is just my opinion so don't get mad for me not adding any of your favorite mmos :V
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27 / M / USA
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11
not even kidding ive played a couple hundred free to play mmo's and i have to say that most of them are similar. i liked alot of them that i played, but alot of them require to spend money in a cash shop to level at a normal rate
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39 / M
Posted 5/17/11 , edited 5/17/11
You shod try out dungeon and dragons online or loro
loro got lots good guys good content but have a boring combat system but excellent group play system.

Ddo up downs but there are allot of players willing to help. good combat all content is instanced based fun group play but alot of players solo play then do the group play.
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