What should we do when this kind of situation occurs?
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Posted 9/1/10 , edited 9/1/10
I hav a friend and he plays basketball be4 me
therefore he way better than me..
when i started playing,wow,he's so good..(we onli giv this comment)
sooner as i got better,we realise he's just 1 hell of a person playing basketball himself..
his eyes are on the rim ONLY.
as he gets the ball he juz rush in even tough theres 3~4 defenders infront of him.
he never passes,this has cause alot uneasyness to me and my frens.Most of them juz kept in their heart not voicing out.
I hav tried to voice out be4,and the answer was so unexpected.
the 1st time i voice out my opion.
ME~"U shouldn't juz simply rush in,theres so may teammates which is open around the court and u juz made a bad shot forcly.U shud watch for ur teammates."
HIM~ohhh...OK! i will pass later.sorry ya..

and the continue of the game he did pass the ball,but when theres no need to do so..and he never hav sucessfully get an assit whenever he hav the chance.he juz passes those balls and ask them bck for himself.

HIaz..we just say..its troublesome..and for me i dun think as a basketball player definately u would wan to cooperate with teammates ..so i figure that eventually he will get to know it and start passing.

after a year or more...
this problem surface again....
this time i also voice out saying almost the same thing but this time his answer is different.
Him~"WHAT! I GOT PASS LA!U say enough anot?i didn't selfish lo...i have pass lo...u go ask them.."

he called me to ask those beginners..they would dare to offend him..I am so pissed..that i dun 1 to play basketball with him..

but our school is small and we juz somehow play basketball 2gether again..
This time i dun feel that he is a bad person or anything..he is a good player in term of offence and defence.but regarding teamplays he juz SUCKED!

SO i wanted to find a way so that he can throw away his habit of selfishness and become a proper player..
I wonder if anyone could give me a solution to my problem.
THANK YOU very much!
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Posted 9/2/10 , edited 9/2/10
CAn't anyone HELP!?
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Posted 9/15/10 , edited 9/16/10
He doesn't pass the ball because he doesn't have faith that his teammates can hit open shots. Why is that? Well, you guys must not be good enough to even warrant him to even have the thought of setting up a proper assist. It's as simple as that, really.
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Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/18/10
Well he just needs to realize he can't do EVERYTHING by himself, or the team will fall apart. What i would do in a situation like this, i would challenge him to a 1 on 1 game. Loser has to follow the winner's rules and gets bragging rights. That's what i would do. I am captain of my school's basketball team.
Posted 9/25/10 , edited 9/26/10
Like Drake commented, he probably doesn't think the team is good enough and when the time comes that he needs help he'll probably realize he shouldn't have acted the way he did (which i don't know if that'll happen). Have u talked to the coach as well about this problem or is the coach not doing anything about this cuz he's the 'best' player? A team can't be a team without helping eachother out, that's what teamwork is all about or else everything falls apart as ricemakerboy stated. Try not to give up on it though, do what u love to do and don't let someone pressurize u.
Posted 11/5/10 , edited 11/5/10
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