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Posted 9/1/10 , edited 9/2/10
i'm almost half-way through the series and damn koizumi is a debbie downer wth. I mean i can understand that she's sad, but she's saying shit that would normally make a person feel guilty/bad and ruin the mood, right now im ony ep 10 and the 3 girls are just talking about christmas or w/e and having a drink and she's sobbing and shit, so annoying. I was almost thinking of dropping it.
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Posted 10/9/10 , edited 10/9/10
I think you're thinking too much out of the characters. LOL

It's a light-hearted, comedy type of anime. Chill!

Posted 12/30/10 , edited 12/30/10
I agree with eeleechan, You're thinking way too much
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