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Username: Arisa-chii
Character Name: Arisa
Age: 17
Bio: Aoi is Kuran Kaname's long lost younger sister. They've been separated during the war between Haruka, Juuri and Rido.
Aoi was adopted by the Tsubasa Clan of Purebloods. So Aoi is now Tsubasa instead of Kuran. Even though Aoi's foster Family knew she was a Kuran they kept it a secret from her for years. Until one day Aoi found out because of the book in the library. Aoi is now welcome to use the Last name Kuran but she doesn't like to. Aoi currently lives in a Mansion.
Extra(got more to add?): Abilities: Monstrous Strength. Dark Magic, Aoi was blessed with Wizard Powers. Can predict the future, can read minds. Is fast [Speed]
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