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Posted 9/2/10 , edited 9/3/10
This is a minor issue but I was wondering if perhaps CR could post to Facebook as often as it does Twitter. With the recent issues with stopping in the middle of the episode when I restart the episode from the point it stopped it posts another message on my Facebook that I am watching that episode. Whereas Twitter still has only the one tweet.

As I said, a minor issue but it would be nice if it were fixed especially since it doesn't make CR look good by posting that I'm watching an episode two or three times within a few minutes.
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Posted 9/3/10 , edited 9/4/10
Actually, I think the function also attempts to create a new Twitter entry for you but Twitter's system is smart enough to check for duplicates which is why you don't see any duplicates on Twitter. Though we'll look into it to see if there's a solution to this that isn't overly convoluted.
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