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Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/8/08
We gotta live our lives with God as our first priority, because it's like putting armour on yourself before you leave house. Like I always believe, if you have God as your protection, there is nothing you need to fend yourself against. He will lead you to do things that are pleasing to both God and other man.

Christians don't have to cut off from secular life totally. In fact, to do that is one of the things that Satan wants. He is cunning, and wise, therefore do not underestimate him. He has a counterfeit for everything of God, even emotions, but they are all selfish, and temporal.

So Mr. Fake Prada hopes that we as Christians will happy within our (*filthy* spit*) shell and not bother 'his' non-believers. For Satan is called the God of this World. The Greek word for 'World' is Aion, which can mean either world, or a time period. Therefore, it means that the devil is only ruling - during his time of rebellion against God. The Worldly things are of his evil nature. He even brought Jesus to a high place and showed Him the worldly things and offered them to Jesus. Of course our Beloved Son of Man pwned that guy. But believers like you and I need to know, that the world that we live in now, is not going to be the same forever.

God will be with us, till the end times and beyond. Therefore, take heed that the world now is temporal, and there are a lot of people yet to be saved! As Christians, if we love Jesus, we should spread His Love! Satan knows he has little time, and the end time will not happen until all the people have heard of His Name and the gospel of Truth! Are you contented to sit in your own home, in comfort, knowing God is there? God created you for a purpose! Therefore rejoice in His name and it will give you abundance of Love that makes you love even your enemies! The Heart of God is Mercy and his nature that he imparts in our new spirit is a spirit of Love!

Even in this secular World, you, a miracle worker of Jesus will influence people around you for the better! God gives you gifts and favour and a lifetime of fellowship to aid you in His Will. Use his gifts and it'll bless you, it'll bless you! Bless others with it, and it will help others.

Humans cannot survive alone, God saw that it was not good for Man to be alone, thus Eve was created. We need to get around and take part in the Worldly culture in order to spread His Word. Joshua was wearing painted eye makeup, with heavily satanic accessories (a golden ring 'charm' with a serpent engraved) as he stood beside the toughest pharoah, serving him. Yet Joshua had God with him all the time! Don't complain about your boss, take it as if God is your employer! If you be subjected to control, as well as keeping your focus on God all the time, God will bless you and help you with His favour! Don't despise your situation, look at it as an opportunity!

Those who have walked steadfastly in the Bible were sent to lands that were hostile to send message of the Lord. God is a present God. He is NOW, Jehovah-Shammah (Present) Therefore, if He put you in this present world, live in this present world! Blend in with the world's culture, that you may be of help to God!

The world prides on knowledge and science, therefore don't detach yourself from these, that you may be of good influence to the people you meet in science. Like the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them! We aren't out there to beat anyone, since God is Love, so we'll join them and SPREAD THE LOVE!

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