Foreign Samaritan Hunted
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Posted 9/4/10 , edited 9/5/10

Authorities are hunting a foreign woman who revived an old lady whose heart had stopped.

The incident began at the “Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival,” held in Tokyo’s central Chuou ward, where a 68-year-old woman on her way home suddenly suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and collapsed, her heart having stopped.

Witnesses report a passing foreigner immediately went to assist, using her medical training to help resuscitate the woman. After reviving the woman she slipped away.

The woman is described as being blonde and white, in her late twenties or early thirties, and an English speaker who introduced herself as a doctor.

A hotel employee who brought his hotel’s defibrillator to the scene explains her disappearance – “It was dark and extremely crowded, and before we realised it the lady doctor had disappeared. The four of us remaining were left wondering who on earth she was.”

Paramedics summoned to the scene arrived after she had left report the old lady could have died without timely intervention. She is said to be recuperating.

Officials with the local emergency services are looking for the doctor – they wish to present her with an official letter of thanks.
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