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Posted 9/6/10 , edited 9/6/10
I personally like a lot of animes and I don't really have a favorite.
I mean, if I was asked this question last year, I would have probably said Skip Beat or One Piece. If you asked me earlier in the year, I would have said Letter Bee. If you asked me like more than a year ago, I would have said Natsume Yujinchou. Ask me now, maybe Angel Beats or Uraboku.
I lose and gain interest in things really quickly. I have a short attention spam I guess. It has to be something interesting or something I can relate to for me to actually stick to it. lol xP

Plus, I'm just curious about what people thought.
Like, I know a lot of people like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. You know, the big ones.
But what other animes do people think are the best or is your favorite? ^^

Note: DO NOT bash or say anything bad about people's choices. We all have our own opinions and we need to respect each others opinions. HOWEVER, if you do say something negative about another person's choice, I will remove you from this group if I have to. I will give you a WARNING and if you do not comply I or any other Mod will immediately kick you out.
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Posted 9/6/10 , edited 9/6/10
I loveeeee escaflowne!!!!
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